Find out more about our work representing fans:

Legal action

Safe standing

Protests against season ticket prices

Bubble matches campaign

SLO guidelines

Ban appeal policy and procedure

Surveys and petitions

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Find out more about our work recognising the heritage of our club:

Statue to the great John Atyeo

Ashton Gate Eight

Hall of Fame

Parade of playing legends

Famous FA Cup wins (and losses)

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Find out more about our work raising money:



In memory

OTIB supporter


Fans Funding Fans for the future

Sportsman’s Dinner

Liverpool FA Cup victory event

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Find out more about our work on things that bring fans together within our community :

Supporters Club & Trust Player, Young Player & Supporter of the Year

Fans Funding Fans of the Future

Season card purchase scheme

Supporters Bar

Asset of community value

City ‘til I Die books

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