The majority of funds, around £14,000 annually, come through membership subscriptions that build up over time. You can join here. £37,000 of our funds is safeguarded in our ‘Share fund’ – which has grown from setting aside 50% of diamond memberships (e.g. anyone paying more than £2.50 per month, or £30 per year). We hold this balance within our deposit account.

Over the years we have turned our hand to fundraising. As well as running a number of events:

Flags (raised and donated multiple amounts)

Legal £1,416.52 (to date)

In memory £900 (total)

Statue £36,000 (total)

Fans Funding Fans for the future £931 (to date)

OTIB supporter £1,280 (annual)

Bar £6,274 (to date)

Sportsman’s Dinner £1,300 (total)

Liverpool FA Cup victory event £850 (for Community Trust)

Ashton Gate Eight Dinner £2,000 (total)

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