Ashton Gate 8: 40th Anniversary Weekend

The Supporters Club & Trust were pleased to collaborate with & contribute to the events in the Ashton Gate Eight 40th Anniversary weekend.

As part of being a major sponsor, we organised a lot of visual content before & during the Bristol City v Middlesbrough game on Saturday 19 February 2022. This included:

  • Ordering the “Eight Men Had a Dream” surfer, getting it manufactured, then launching it across the South Stand during the Ashton Gate 8 presentation. The surfer was designed by Sean Takle
  • Arranging the “40 Years On, We’re Still Going Strong” banner as displayed by Section 82
  • In co-operation with Patch Warner from 3 Peaps in a Podcast, we ordered the “8” mosaic cards that we arranged for supporters sat in the Dolman Stand’s central blocks to display on the 8th minute of the game
“Eight Men Had a Dream” surfer before the Bristol City v Middlesbrough game

We also arranged player gifts & thank you gifts for organisers & other people/parties involved in the weekend’s events.

Player awards & goblets created for the 40th Anniversary weekend

We also contributed to the new plaque commemorating the Ashton Gate 8 that was unveiled beside the players entrance.

We previously had a plaque unveiled back in October 2009, but this has since moved to our Supporters Bar; where the Ashton Gate 8 players/representatives paid a visit, meeting supporters & receiving yet another round of applause.

New Ashton Gate 8 plaque outside players entrance. Photo courtesy: Bristol City FC

Chair of the Supporters Club & Trust, Stu Rogers says: “It was great to work alongside fellow fans, companies & club officials, especially [former Bristol City chairman] Scott Davidson and [author & Former Players Association organiser] Neil Palmer to deliver something really special”.

David Rodgers of the Ashton Gate 8 with Bristol City FC/Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust president Marina Dolman and Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust chair Stu Rogers. Photo courtesy: Bristol City FC

Everyone else we would like to thank & acknowledge has already been mentioned by the football club; via the message below from Richard Gould.

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