October 2022 Minutes

Board Meeting online using Zoom

Wednesday 5th October 2022, 7:00pm


PRESENT Board Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Terry Hamlin, Shahan Miah SM, James Nicholls JN, D-M Withers. Members: Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR. Supporters: Phil Binning, Paul Hunt PH, Ellie Jones, Adrian Male, Mark Newman, Neil Palmer NP, James Thomas, Peter Wood. BCFC: Jerry Tocknell (SLO). Police Liaison: Dave Walker DW.
Apologies: Marie Day MD, Simon Orriss, Jon Watts, Katrina Watts, Matthew Withers 
1. Matters Arising
Honours Boards in Supporters Bar – bring up-to-date [ACTION – MA]
Fans For The Future – Good take up, not all tickets picked up at midweek games yet. 
2. SLO & Police Liaison
CATS Coaches – most number being run to Birmingham since Manchester City away in 2018 match due to rail strikes. Car Park – SLO has power to ask for fines to be cancelled when fans are on premises for BCFC event.
Fans Forum – at Hen & Chicken; date to be arranged.
Charlie Lincoln – can give Club perspective on Fans Survey [ACTION – MA]
Fan Behaviour – DW reported, “much better than this time last year.” A TV programme had featured matchday supervision for a Bears rugby game at Ashton Gate (Maximum Security, BBC) – could be useful, we will try to identify the programme [ACTION DW]. 
3. Fan Led Review
Draft text from discussions so far to be available soon. Date for next meeting yet to be arranged 
4. Bristol City Women
Away fans segregation – D-M expressed disquiet over lack of segregation at Women’s games; problems being more at Ashton Gate rather than the more intimate RHPC. SLO said this was not allowed at U21 and WSL games. [ACTION SLO to follow up with relevant officials]
Coach to Charlton Athletic 30th October – needs advertising alongside ticket sales online. PH said the official posts got the details wrong twice before setting them right – leaving AG 9.30am for 2pm kickoff. [ACTION SLO]
Limited turnstiles open at Ashton Gate – massive queues for stand [D-M to follow up]
FA/FSA Structured Dialogue – first such meeting for the women's game at Wembley to be held this month. Various supporter groups have been invited. SM to attend on our behalf. 
5. Supporters Survey
SR and MH met Richard Gould, Dave Barton and Ross Wormald who were receptive and willing to engage.
Drinks in stadium proper – 50% fans are satisfied with current prohibition.
Reporting of issues – discussion on why 95% go unreported. Outcomes: Club will drip-feed exposure of the problems and the reporting procedures into the supporter base.
No Women’s representation at meeting – Outcome: there will be a separate meeting because their matchday experience is different. 
6. BCFC Heritage And Archive Limited
The name of the trust has changed to the above for legal reasons; first board meeting in about one month. 

7. Former Players Association

NP listed the former players booked to attend the Millwall and Swansea games. Scott Davidson would be visiting Chris Garland, who is very ill. A series of ‘Walkers & Talkers’ events has been organised by Andy Brassington at a number of sports venues including Gloucester Cricket Club and now Ashton Gate is being added as a venue.
Marina Dolman is keen to be involved
8. Bristol City In 100 Objects - Book
The meeting requested the author to present an explanatory project plan to our next meeting. [ACTION MA] 
9. AGM
Saturday December 17th was agreed (Stoke City game). [ACTION MA, SR, JT, JD] 
10. Supporter Of The Year Award
Discussion around the wording in the nomination process. [MA to supply previous text to JD. JN & SR] 
Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd November 2022

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