Bristol Pride Parade 2023

Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust once again joined forces with the Robins Foundation & Bristol City Panthers FC in the Bristol Pride Parade, alongside #HerGameToo & Rachel Furness from Bristol City Women.

Taking place on Saturday 8th July 2023, the Parade March is our chance to show how diverse and proud Bristol is as a city and for community groups, charities, public sector organisations and businesses who actively support LGBT+ human rights to join in.

Having first taken part in 2022, the Supporters Club & Trust continued to show support. Another significant moment in this year’s Parade was the attendance of Rachel Furness from Bristol City Women, making it the first time a first-team player from either senior team was present. We thank the Robins Foundation for sending out the invite.

Board member & ally Shahan Miah representing the Supporters Club & Trust, marching alongside members of the Robins Foundation & Bristol City Panthers, Rachel Furness from Bristol City Women & Leah Davis from #HerGameToo. Photo courtesy of Rachel Mansfield (Bristol City Robins Foundation)

Robert Parry-Hall; chairman of the Panthers said: “Bristol City Panthers were proud to March in the Bristol Pride parade on Saturday. Despite recent progress in LGBTQ+ rights, equality and acceptance in the UK, the growing hostility to the rights & welfare of our Trans & Non-Binary members, friends and allies means our presence at Pride is as important at ever. 

We were joined by the Robins Foundation team, representatives of the Supporters Club & Trust, #HerGameToo and Rachel Furness from Bristol City WFC – unified in purpose to show Bristol and the wider area that City is an inclusive, welcoming club, striving to create a safe space for all”.

Supporters Club & Trust board member & ally Shahan Miah said: “It’s great as always to represent the Supporters Club & Trust and am proud to have once again marched alongside the Bristol City Panthers and the Robins Foundation on Pride Day. It was absolutely brilliant of Rachel Furness from City Women to join us on the day, and I hope to see more players from the men’s & women’s first teams join in future if they can. 

Pride is very important as while attitudes and progression have indeed been made for the LGBTQIA+ community, unfortunately there are still some injustices of homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, and we all need to keep protesting; whether we’re part of that community or an ally; to ensure that they stop once & and for all. These events give people the opportunity to come together and celebrate who they are, and it’s been great to be part of.”

(L-R) Supporters Club & Trust board member, Leah Davis from #HerGameToo, Rachel Furness from Bristol City Women. Photo courtesy of Rachel Mansfield (Bristol City Robins Foundation)

Leah Davis, one of Bristol City’s #HerGameToo Ambassadors said: “It was great to attend the March as the Bristol City #HerGameToo Ambassador. Pride represents everything we believe in as a campaign – everyone deserves to be loved and accepted for who they are. Thank you to the Robins Foundation, Supporters Club & Trust, Panthers, and Bristol City Women for being part of a great day.”

For those not familiar with Bristol City Panthers, they are an LGBTQIA+ friendly football team based in Bristol. Founded in 2000, the club believes in providing everyone with a fun, supportive environment to play football, learn new skills (or sharpen old ones!) and make friends. All players are welcome; whatever their experience, ability, sexuality or gender identity.

They are proudly affiliated with Bristol City FC through Bristol City Robins Foundation. They are one of only two LGBT clubs in the country to have a formal affiliation with an English Football League side! They play in Division 2 of the GFSN (Gay Football Supporters Network) league.

They train every Thursday evening from 7:55pm at Imperial Sports Ground (BS14 9EA). For more information, visit the Panthers website.

This article is adapted from an article on the Bristol City website, which can be read here

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