June 2023 Minutes

Board Meeting online using Zoom

Wednesday 7th June 2023, 7:00pm


PRESENT Board: Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair, minutes), Marie Day MD, James Nicholls JN.
Supporters: Paul Binning PB, Paul Hunt PH, Mark Newman MN, Jackie Pike JP, Eve Ralph ER, Matt Seaward MS
BCFC:  Jerry Tocknell JT (SLO) Police: Dave Walker DW.
APOLOGIES Mike Adams MA, Jon Darch JD, Terry Hamlin TH, Shahan Miah SM
1. Actions From Last Meeting
Fan led review - Letter submitted to BCFC CEO suggesting ways the Football Club can start to apply the findings in advance of regulation.
Section 82 - Meeting took place between S82 representatives and CEO facilitated by SR. 
2. SLO & Police Overview
JT reported that the Club had received mixed scores from a big EFL survey, either top marks or bottom marks. Focus now on trying to recruit 10 City supporters as 'red coat' helpers for match days. Pre-season away friendlies likely to sell out if early Portsmouth sales are any indication. Rewards programme still generating a lot of complaints. Season ticket sales: 14,031 Men, 1,259 Women.
DW reported continued better behaviour at matches this season. Leeds coming down will be a challenge, other new entrants less concern. Cardiff and Millwall have been ok recently; Swansea likely to stay a priority focus. Football Clubs in general are coming under increasing pressure to pay for policing on match days. SR noted the overly large police presence at QPR. DW said QPR always has a large police presence. 
3. Hall of Fame
In MA’s absence, this matter was deferred. 
We will provide feedback to the Club regarding season ticket release i.e. lack of comms with the announcement, no priority window for existing ST holders, supporters scrambling to sit together. A new General Manager is to be appointed, after which a structured dialogue meeting will be set up. [ACTION SR/SM] 
5. Awards Evening Review
Positives: money raised for good cause, though may have been higher if Foundation not Academy had been the beneficiary; access to players; social event; good food.
Negatives: access to event for many supporters denied by cost (can there be a different type of event to make this access more accessible next season?); opportunity missed not to have the women's recognition of promotion as the evening's highlight instead reinforcing the men's perceived "superiority" by making them the final awards; too many awards; too commercial; doubts as to what percentage of attendees were City fans; outdated and poorly judged; comedian straying into misogynistic material. 
6. Heritage & Archive Ltd
There will be a public launch. Jon Lansdown has joined the board. There has been much activity collecting artefacts and memorabilia. SC&T’s responsibility is mainly in governance and future proofing. Next meeting scheduled for September. 
7. Supporters Survey
A meeting will be convened next week to go through last year's survey and adjust questions for this season. We have made an appeal to supporters for help in constructing the next survey – no response so far. ER will review the outcome and add questions if desired related to #HerGameToo. The aim is to issue mid-July, as in 2022.
8. Partnerships
SM to take our flags and represent us at Bristol Pride; others are welcome to join in 
Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 5th July 2023*
*The July meeting was subsequently cancelled after consultation within the board. Next meeting currently rescheduled for Wednesday 2nd August 2023

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