Stadium Engagement Poll Results

Here are the results of the second fans’ email poll conducted by Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust on the subject of stadium engagement.

Stadium Engagement Poll Summary

Over 2,000 City fans took the time to complete it and in doing so provided some very interesting results. The detail is in the analysis document, but here are the headlines:

  • The football club can encourage fans to arrive earlier through a wide range of initiatives. 70% of respondents said that choice, quality and price of food and drink (the latter comparable to local pubs) would be a driver along with televised lunchtime games on the concourses. Quick and easy access to the stadium, especially when wet, is also important. Surprisingly, pre-match entertainment for kids or Community Trust activities is not highly ranked, along with easy access to flag storage.


  • 59% of fans would definitely use an interactive mobile app if it were developed, with a further 26% who would consider it if it were relevant. Only 15% appear to be uninterested in this. Nearly half of the respondents took time to suggest things they would like to see in the app.


  • 76% of fans travel to the game currently by car, 10% walk, with bus and train in and around 5%. Most of the drivers park on the streets (54%), with 20% in various car parks. Maybe surprisingly, 18% park away from the ground and bus or walk in. With other options like MetroBus and cycle facilities being introduced, 85% would be reluctant to change their travel plans. MetroBus would attract 13%.


  • We are a fairly dispersed fan base. 66% travel between 2 – 20 miles. 22%, however, travel between 20 – 120 miles. The number of people travelling less than 2 miles is consistent with the percentage that walks to the ground.


  • 75% of us go straight home after the game. This may correlate with the distances some of us travel. Local pubs scoop up 16% of us. Maybe due to the limited availability, but only 3% stick around for a post-match drink within the stadium.


  • Finally, we might be encouraged to stick around longer after the game in the event of the bars being open (60%), live games being screened (59%) and interviews with players and manager (53%). Live entertainment (29%) or provision of hot drinks and snacks (28%) proved less popular.

Many, many respondents took further time to add their own comments. There are some good ideas emerging, many of which will be new to the project team running the stadium redevelopment project. It will take some time to assess them all, however, the feedback will be invaluable.

Thanks to those who took part in this poll, which is now closed. Other polls will emerge on specific subjects in the future. The results will be shared and discussed with officials at the Football Club and Bristol Sport to ensure that your voice is being heard.

The next opportunity for fans to feed directly into the stadium redevelopment will be on Thursday 4 December 2014, the time and venue to be announced.

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