October 2023 Minutes

Board Meeting online using Zoom

Tuesday 10th October 2023, 7:00pm


Board: Stuart Rogers SR (chair & minutes), Terry Hamlin TH, Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Marie Day MD, James Nicholls JN, Jon Darch JD, Shahan Miah SM, D-M Withers DM, Jon Watts JW, Katrina Watts KW, Mark Newman MN
Supporters: Matt Seaward MS, Christine Chard CC, Wendy Rowland WR, Jackie Pike JP Tommy Wallen TW
Bristol Sport: Charlie Lincoln CL
APOLOGIES: Board: Mike Adams MA Bristol City: Jerry Tocknell JT (SLO).


Fans Survey group still to meet [ACTION SR, SM, MH].
Commission for Supporters Bar on BCWFC matchdays. Might wait to see demand first [ACTION SR]
Bristol City app still not hosting match day commentary. To be raised again at next BCFC meeting. [ACTION SR/JN/MN


Mark Newman was co-opted and welcomed onto the board


CL explained that the ticketing system is the same as used at Leeds, Liverpool and Brighton. The 3,000 (4,500 previously reported) take up for physical cards for the men’s games surprised everyone, whereas, only 5% requested cards out of the 1,700 Women season ticket holders. There were a few digital ticket problems at the first men’s match with Android but now resolved. CL has been on the turnstiles and feels it is now working well overall. Next season matchday tickets will also be digital and only those without smartphones will be able to receive a physical season ticket, for which there will be a charge. When asked, motivation for digital tickets and initially restricting to 5 transfers were costs of fulfilment & sustainability under project Whitebeam, plus being surprised by the number of ticket transfers likely to be requested. Social media feedback drove the decision to revert to unlimited transfers.

Feedback from attendees ranged from long queues experienced, especially the Plymouth game and turnstile stewards unable to assist. The same season card can be reused each season. Not providing the choice of a card to those unable to use a mobile phone easily (elderly, disabled etc) and then charging for them is at best not inclusive and at worst could be discriminatory. The digital tickets do not update uniformly with the next fixture, a problem that CL acknowledged is still inconsistent. It is still not easy to forward or transfer tickets digitally as evidenced by a group of 16 fans who often travel together. Booking fees applied to digital season tickets applied for and paid for online with no manual intervention or processes were questioned. This also ties in with previous questions about fees for away match tickets and coach tickets. CL explained that this was to pay for the cost of the ticketing system. There was not wide acceptance of that justification. The point was also made that all of these fees were imposed without any communication. CL confirmed when asked that these are board level decisions.

CL took questions on the Rewards Scheme. The site is currently down for maintenance and there seemed to be some unanswered emails to the Rewards inbox and other queries. CL was checking in real time and was unable to locate any unanswered messages. CL acknowledged some helpful feedback about not making open training sessions on school days and not including retailers that are not accessible to children. Linking payment cards can also be a challenge for some. We could do with seeing some Reward prize draw announcements. There was a general theme of communication running through most of this section. Some practical videos and more regular updates would help. Consulting with a small group of fans depending on the topic could pre-empt some of these issues and improve the overall offer. Everyone was very appreciative and thanked CL for attending and being so open and receptive to feedback, which CL took on board for consideration. [ACTION CL]


The recent structured dialogue meeting was good and constructive with actions followed up, particularly on things like matchday travel and parking. For the Arsenal game Peter Smith confirmed that the AG1 bus from the Park & Ride will be trialled but not the AG3 from Temple Meads. It turns out that there will be trains to and from London that day, even if initially not thought to be. There will be free car parking and a bus service for the Southampton cup game at the RHPC. The coach to Tottenham was poorly organised and too last minute. Feedback will be provided and then attention turned to organising future coaches [ACTION DM/SM].


The Treasurer has provided SR with a breakdown of the last 3 years income and expenditure. There are a few queries to be answered and then SR will share with the board [ACTION SR].

6. AOB

JW has had the Women’s trophies engraved. The honours board states top league goal scorer and will be suitably updated with Nahki Wells. Whereas the Golden Boot was awarded to Tommy Conway for being top goal scorer in all competitions. [ACTION JD]
There was a shortage of turnstiles causing long queues for the Women’s games. A question was asked about putting on the same buses for the Women’s games as Men’s. Both to be raised. [ACTION DM/SM].
It would be helpful to have more advanced notice of the venues for the U21s [ACTION JT)
Disabled BCWFC supporter has paid £110 for parking this season. JN to take further advise [ACTION JN]
We decided it is too late to make announcements about last season’s Champagne Moment winners (as the football club didn’t announce these at the End of Season Awards). However, we have a whole year to plan the BCSC/BCSCT 75th anniversary in October 2024. Ideas welcome, which could be tied into the Heritage Archive. [ACTION all].
The AGM will most likely be on Saturday 25th November 2023 at 1pm in the Supporters Bar – before the men’s game against Middlesbrough.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 1st November 2023.

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