Minutes October 2020

Monthly Meeting, Via Zoom

Tuesday 6 October 2020, 6.00pm



Board               Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Marie Day MD, James Nicholls JN, Jon Darch JD

Members          BCFC SLO Jerry Tocknell JT

Apologies         James Thomas

1. Minutes & actions from last meeting   All included on this agenda.

2. Jerry Tocknell, SLO

Working with reduced staffing levels, also dealing with rugby ticket sales. Ticket refunds are being processed in a timely way, albeit direct debits are more challenging. Jerry picked up on the shop stock issue, where fans are being told not to expect some orders before Christmas on some lines. The view from the meeting is that fans should be told that before ordering and that orders could be split and dispatched separately as items become available. This to be relayed back to the store manager. [Action JT].

3. Contact with Football Club officials

People are understandably busy and with no fans allowed in the grounds there are less day to day things to be talking with them about. Stuart is in touch with Mark Kelly and has sent a few messages to the Lansdowns to acknowledge their efforts to recognise the Ashton Gate Eight recently. He and Mike have also been in touch with Matt Parsons to organise the presentation of the player of the year trophies for Famara and Han-Noah. In response to a letter sent by Stuart to the manager, congratulating him on getting the job, Dean Holden called him and they spoke directly about the importance of fan engagement and support, plus the great start to the season.

4. Board membership proposal

Stuart has been introduced by Deborah Dilworth from the FSA to two former members of the Bristol City Women’s Supporters Club. Stuart and Deborah feel there are good synergies and suggest that our board considers inviting the two individuals to be co-opted or affiliated to this board as representatives of the Women’s game. This was well received and agreed by the board members present. It also prompted us to think about how we could be more representative of other teams and charities under the Bristol City banner. Stuart, Miles and Deborah will meet to look at the best way to facilitate this and also take the opportunity to consider updating our rules. [Action SR].

5. Safe standing proposal

The board considered a proposal brought by Jon Darch, aimed at facilitating a fit and proper safe standing solution at Ashton Gate. The proposal includes potential financial support. The board considered that it needs more information on the potential options and to clarify and resolve any conflict of interest in the way we structure the final proposal. We will seek greater due diligence on the options and also sound out club officials on the timing and suitability for making a proposal. [Action SR].

6. Accounts


(By email following the meeting).  Independent review of 2017 accounts last comments supplied to Dick before finalising. 2018 accounts with Dick ready to do as soon as 2017 complete. When submitting to FCA a small correction will need to make to the last AR30 form submission. [Action SR/JT].

7. Newsletter and social media activity/page updates

We should update our Facebook page with new images and information. It would be good to keep in touch with our members with relevant news and updates via a newsletter. Stories and pictures to Jon please. [Action All].

8. AOB – FSA donation

Stuart reports that Malcolm Clarke continues to assist with Freedom of Information appeals, Debs Dilworth with all sorts of things and will be helping with revised rules, Amanda Jacks under normal circumstances would contact me every couple of months about fan representation. I propose we give a donation of £250 this year. [Action SR/JT].

9. Forthcoming meetings   Arranged as required via Zoom during the Covid-19 restrictions

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