Minutes January (6th) 2021

Board Meeting online using Zoom during Covid Pandemic

Wednesday 6 January 2021, 7.00pm

Board      Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Marie Day MD, James Nicholls JN, Jon Darch JD, James Thomas JT, D-M Withers DW, Shahan Miah SM, Terry Hamlin TH
Members BCFC SLO Jerry Tocknell JT
Apologies Katrina Watts, Jon Watts
1. SLO updates - Jerry
2. Proposal regarding recruiting new SCT members who are City Women fans – (SM & DW)
3. Proposal for better/more social media presence from SCT (including City Women related news) – (SM & DW)
4. Re-shaping and staying relevant (see separate email) – Stu (SR)
5. Finance and accounts update (including cash balances) - James Thomas (JT) & James Nicholls (JN)

Most any of the actions were in connection with items 2, 3 and 4 – Bristol City Women’s Football Club and its supporters to whom we are opening up membership.  This was associated with a review of how we operate through social media and our website.  Item 4 was briefly touched on and item 5 was also brief but very positive news about our bank balance and annual accounts. The SLO provided an update of the current operational position within the football club as we enter a new lockdown. The recent process for selling tickets for the 4 games was busy, demanding long hours. Refunds, due to subsequent Government announcements, were due to be announced that week.


2, 3. Bristol City Women’s Football

a) SM & DW to be representatives and contacts for BCWFC supporters in BCSCT to be promoted on website, emails and social media etc.

b) Issue dedicated email addresses, set up page on website [action JD]

c) Photos and material to JD for website [action SM & DW]

d) Current structure and brief history of BCWFC to be researched [action SM & DW]

e) BCSCT constitution to be updated [action MH]

f) Possible sponsorship of BCWFC players to be discussed with Lee Billiard, Director of Football and Secretary of Women’s Football [SM and DW]

g) Report back all BCWFC developments to next meeting 3rd February [action SM & DM]

4. Re-Shaping

a) Board members’ responsibilities – draft revised list [action SR]

b) ‘Watch Alongs’ – new idea to get fans together for matches etc [action SR, MH, JD]

c) Regular newsletters [action SR, JD]

d) Social Media – expand use, assign responsibilities, modus operandi [action SR]

e) Big Event – Theme, timing etc (next agenda) [action MH, all] [MA prepared to approach Club]

f) Online events – ideas for next agenda [action all]

g) NHS workers – flag in stand, free tickets (cf armed forces) [action MA prepared to approach Club]

5. Accounts and AGM

a) Organise online AGM in conjunction with a ‘watch along’ – four dates in different months mooted:

Sat 6 Feb Cardiff, Wed 3 Mar Bournemouth, Sat 10 Apr Forest, Sat 8 May Brentford, last fixture [action SR, MA]

b) Use of funds – next agenda [action MA]

c) File 2018 accounts [action JT]

Savings account:           £35,628

Current account:          £84,716

PayPal:                         £3,114

OTIB PayPal:                 £5,139

Total: £128,597 of which; £44,483 restricted share fund (2019 accounts)

2018 accounts completed by independent reviewer, who will start 2019 accounts review next week.

NEXT MEETING (back to first Wednesdays) 3rd February, 7pm [action MH, SR, MA]

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