Free seat reservations for Cardiff beamback

The Supporters Club & Trust Bar will be open on Sunday for the beamback from City’s match in Cardiff and reservations for seats in the bar to watch the game are now being taken. What’s more you can reserve your seat for free!

With an away allocation of just 1,400 and no TV coverage of the game, many City fans will have no way of watching this crucial match on Sunday … other than via the beamback at Ashton Gate. The Sports Bar & Pizzeria will be open from 11am for the kick-off at noon. And the Supporters Bar, with seating for 100, will also be open.

SC&T members can now reserve seats for Sunday free of charge by e-mailing

Reservations will be opened up (if vacant seats remain) to all supporters on Saturday (also be e-mailing the address above).

Your name will then be checked off on the reservations list at the bar entrance when you arrive on Sunday.

Please be sure to arrive by no later than 11.45, as, in order to ensure no unused seats due to ‘no shows’, reservations will lapse at this time and any supporters turning up on spec or wishing to come upstairs from the main bar to get a seat will be allowed entry (up to the maximum capacity of 100).

So, if you would like to watch the game on Sunday from the comfort of a seat in the Supporters Bar, please e-mail (on Saturday only if not an SC&T member) and we’ll add your name to the list (until we hit 100 names).

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