Final chance to get a name on the Atyeo plinth

Following the unveiling of the Atyeo statue at Ashton Gate last autumn and the subsequent addition of several extra rows of names on the plinth, we have received further enquiries asking if it is still possible to have names added.

Having discussed this internally, with the football club and with the provider of the engraved steel strips, we are pleased to confirm that this will indeed be possible… one final time (with a limited number of spaces available).

(If you would like us to contact you in the event of any cancellations,
please let us know using the e-mail address below)

As you may have read elsewhere, our intention is to have all of the existing metalwork removed from the plinth in the spring, to have the concrete surface nicely cleaned up and then to have the name strips fixed back on. Our plan will be to add this final batch of names at that time. Precisely when this will be done will depend to some extent on the weather, as the concrete will require a dry spell to dry out nicely in a uniform colour. Barring any unforeseen problems, however, we aim to have everything finished in time for the final home game of the season, at the latest.

If you have any questions or need to discuss anything about this with us, please e-mail

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