Supporters Bar – ‘How to guide’

The Sports Bar in the South Stand will be open for the first time on Saturday (19th September). Members with the relevant photo ID membership card will also be able to gain access to facilities set aside for the Supporters Club & Trust.

The main members area on Saturday will be on the mezzanine level of the Sports Bar.

Limited capacity
Please note, however, that as is normal procedure when new facilities are opened, health and safety requirements necessitate a reduced capacity at first. This means that access to the members’ area will be very limited. Therefore, if you find that the area is already full when you arrive, please do not be too dismayed. We hope that you will find somewhere else for a pre-match drink on this occasion and will try again at another game when capacity has hopefully been increased.

For those particularly keen to try out the facility on Saturday, the key will be to get there early! Here’s what to do then:

How to get in before the match

  • The entrance to the Sports Bar is on the left side of the South Stand as you approach it. Please note, there is no access from inside the stadium, only from outside the turnstiles.
  • The Sports Bar is on the ground floor and you have to be a season ticket holder to gain entry.
  • Numbers inside must be strictly controlled for health and safety reasons, so it will be first come first served.
  • Doors will open at 11am.
  • The Supporters Club & Trust facility is on the mezzanine floor. This is accessed by a lift and stairs towards the rear of the Sports Bar.
  • Walk straight through the Sports Bar, keeping the bar itself and the big screen on your right.
  • You will need to show your photo ID Supporters Club & Trust membership card at both the entry to the Sports Bar and at the stairs on entry to the mezzanine floor.
  • There is a very limited capacity for the first few games.
  • Drinks can be ordered from staff when upstairs or purchased at the Sports Bar as you go through.

We hope you enjoy using this temporary facility and manage to gain access to it at a good number of games this season. From 2016/17, a signficantly larger room has been earmarked for our use.

Once again, the key tomorrow will be: get there early!

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