November 2023 Minutes

Board Meeting online using Zoom

Wednesday 1st November 2023, 7:00pm


Board: Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Marie Day MD, James Nicholls JN, Jon Darch JD, Terry Hamlin TH, Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Shahan Miah SM, Mark Newman MN
Supporters: Paul Binning PB, Christine Chard CC, Paul Hunt PH, George Petrie, Eve Ralph ER, Owen Ralph OR, Nathan Riddiough NR, Wendy Rowland WR, Matt Seaward MS, Tommy Wallen TW
Bristol City: Jerry Tocknell JT (SLO).
Avon & Somerset Police: Dave Walker (Police Liaison Officer)
APOLOGIES: Board: D-M Withers DMW, Jon Watts JW, Katrina Watts KW


The October meeting minutes were accepted as a correct record. The Fans Survey remains outstanding. [ACTION SR]


TH led the discussion, questioning some things said at our last meeting. Fees cannot be justified on cost because supporters keep their old cards, which are updated. Some do not have mobile phones, it is a personal choice. A solicitor friend thought that any difference in charge for the same product could be viewed as discrimination. [ACTION SR to check]


a) Behaviour – DW reported generally good home behaviour. Leicester away, 7 arrests for class A drugs; Cardiff away, likewise 4 arrests.
b) Cardiff Railway Station – Complaints received of supporters held at the station, which have been sent on to South Wales Police.
c) Official coaches – delayed so that passengers arrived at the stadium 15 minutes before kick-off.
d) Poor stadium stewarding – led to mismanagement of what should have been separate 1800 standing places and 1400 non-standing places.
e) Outside the stadium – Cardiff fans threw traffic cones at their own police. Some fighting involving passengers from an unofficial coach.
f) JT confirmed that club are looking into away allocations for WSL away fixtures, beginning with Everton


a) Coach travel – BCSC&T’s decision to run a coach to Everton (on the back of poor or non-existent operation by the Football Club) was discussed. The Club offered to assist with publicity. At our meeting, it was decided:
b) to leave from Ashton Gate if possible. [ACTION SM to email JT]
c) to take seat bookings through our own system. [ACTION JD]

Note: Everton coach was subsequently cancelled & rescheduled for Liverpool away game in December


The meetings now include Tom Rawcliffe, the new COO and will be held every three or four weeks. Tom arranged to visit our Supporters Bar on Saturday 4th November at 1pm before the Sheffield Wednesday game


a) SM has signed posters of the women’s team from last season. One is intended for the Bar, agreed to get this framed [ACTION SM]
b) The Bar was closed for the Women’s game against Arsenal (at which there was a record attendance).
c) Dolman Stand sound system is being replaced.
d) Bristol Rugby Supporters Club have a marquee at games. [ACTION ?? to investigate the possibility of us having a similar facility]
e) Q&As have been dropped by default. Steve Lansdown has attended two for the Bears; JT pointed out they had been booked for a long time. The Hen & Chicken is the likely venue again for meetings in BS3. [ACTION SR to investigate reinstatement]
f) SM found out that for women’s cup games, club no longer have facilities to sell tickets at RHPC due to only one/two games being played there. However, supporters no longer being charged for parking at RHPC


The situation has been unique in recent times – almost unanimity amongst fans of shock and disbelief. We had no prior warning and it was widely felt that the Club’s public relations had been poor. In these exceptional circumstances, we felt able to issue a public statement (qv) which has received wide support. [ACTION SR to pursue the matter at the meeting with the Football Club the following day]
The idea was mooted of ‘An Evening with Nigel Pearson’ at some time in the future. [ACTION NR would contact his agent]

8. AOB

a) Wheelchair availability at Ashton Gate – CC enquired particularly about availability for use at away matches. She has a contact willing to buy equipment if necessary. [ACTION JT to check current situation with Dave Storr]
b) Hall of Fame – agreed to make a full announcement about the most recent election. [ACTION SM, MA]
c) U21 matches – these are very poorly publicised in advance. [ACTION JT to speak to the relevant media staff]
d) AGM 2023 – will be held in the Supporters Bar at 1pm on 25th November before the Boro game. [ACTION MA, SR, JT]

Note: AGM was subsequently postponed. New date to be arranged

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 6th December 2023.

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