Minutes July 2019

Monthly Meeting, Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 3 July 2019, 7.30pm

Present   Board – Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Terry Hamlin TH, Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW | Police Liaison – Julie Hayward JH, Dave Walker DW

Apologies                                Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, James Nicholls JN, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Matt Parsons

1. Minutes & matters arising

Season Cards                BSL appear to have charged per card instead of per transaction [action – Stu]

Honours Boards            require updating [action – Jon D]

New SLO                       Ryan Corrigan will be invited to our next meeting [action – Mike]


2. Ashton Gate plaque – the backing is to be removed and the plaque placed in the Supporters Bar


3. Ask the Chairman/Owner – Stoke 14th September was selected because they have a good and suitable pub opposite the stadium [action – Stu]


4. Supporters Bar – we will request an extension to current space [action – Jon D]


5. Ashton Gate Stadium – agreed to re-register as Asset of Community Value [action – Stu]

6. AGM – agreed to hold our AGM on Saturday 14 December 2019 (Blackburn) at 1pm


7. Fans for the Future – the Season Cards – two adult and 6 child – have been purchased and a rota of regular beneficiaries will be drawn up.  A new appeal was agreed [action – Jon D]


8. Website – this is in the course of a rebuild


9. Accounts – those for 2017 are being independently reviewed this month.  Those for 2018 are half-completed and the aim is to have them ready for the AGM.


10. Legal and Police

Swansea incidents                 Some 21 people, 14 City and 7 Swansea, are going through court procedure.  There is now one judge in Bristol who hears all football-related cases.

Away fans at Ashton Gate       A limit of 2,000 has been set.

Meeting                                 Julie was scheduled to meet the Superintendant the following day.

Football match                       Following a successful game v Rovers fans, Julie is trying to organise a similar game v City fans.

Legal case                             The next significant date in legal case is 20 September – this case has now been extant for nearly four years.


11. Work of BCSCT  – we need to devise ways to increase awareness of what we do [action – all]


12. Survey – agreed to contact our members to ask what should be our next project(s) [action – Stu]

13. Atyeo Statue – we are in the process of creating the final band of names

14. Next meetings – 7 August and 4 September

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