Minutes April 2019

Monthly Meeting, Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 3 April 2019, 7.30pm

Present                   Board – Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Terry Hamlin TH, Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW | Members -John Croker, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland

The Club – Matt Parsons | Police Liaison – Julie Hayward JH, Dave Walker DW

Apologies                                Reg Coombes RC, Marie Day MD, JC Scott Maker SM, James Nicholls JN

1.  Minutes & matters arising

2019/2 1.  The Peter Wood Highbury print is in our possession.  Marie has measured it and Jon is looking for a frame. [continuing action JD]

2019/3 1.  Strategic and pro-active items will be requested for each agenda [action MA]
2019/3 4.  Community Trust were congratulated [action SR]
2019/3 4.  Matt emailed Dan White and Finance for an update [action MP]
2019/3 7.  Fans Funding Fans for the Future cards were renewed with three on waiting list [action SR, JT]
2019/3 7.  The booking fee is per transaction and not per season card [action MP].  But in addition payments should only apply to phone bookings, not online.
2019/3 7.  The football club are looking into a season card exchange, but no timescales yet on the   introduction of required software [continuing action SR]

2. SLO

a)  Give-away to fans travelling away on 1:1 basis [Matt – please complete this item]

b)  New Club Crest was launched involving a survey answered by 3,500 fans.  A small group had been appointed by the Club to conduct the final stages of the design process.

c)  Ideas were sought to increase support for the team.  Working with S82 was suggested [action – MP]

d)  Exiled fans – moves to consolidate groups where possible.  OTIB was suggested [action – MP]

e)  Resale of SC places if unable to attend – software is being developed to enable this to happen

3. Player of the Year arrangements – these are in place.

4. Community Trust – donation from Liverpool FA Cup event had not yet reached the Trust [action – MP]

5. Consultation v Communication

Invite Ryan Corrigan. Head of Supporters Services, to next meeting re coach travel. [action – MA]

6. Legal and Police

England U21 game   A group of Polish fans set off flares – one arrest following throwing a flare onto the pitch – a number of ejections due to drunkenness.  Overall the FA and Stadium Security were pleased.

Swansea game   A further 23 suspects are being sought.  Five City fans were involved of which three have gone to court and one more due to go to court.

The Luckwell   Five or six people are expected to be identified from video footage.  Four Dutch people are on bail.

Sheffield Wednesday   Five fans who went on the pitch will receive Bristol City sanctions.  There were two assaults and one chair was thrown.

 [NB unsure about this title]   Some fans have received 12 weeks probation plus a five-year ban.  One has been charged with a pitch invasion.  One recalcitrant case – pleased guilty – therefore received no ban but did receive a three-year stadium ban.

Worcester rugby game   Efforts are being made to identify one person …

Agreed – to invite the Police Superintendant to one of our meetings after the Millwall issue is settled.  We will enquire when he is available. [Action – JH]

Court Update   Our lawyer was due to contact SR that week.  Both sides had to submit “draft directions” – our side had done so on time but WMP asked for an extension to decide whether to settle.  Our side had put in a complaint at this delay.  A five-day trial has been suggested from 9 September in Birmingham.  WMP have a long list of witnesses – mainly police officers.

7. Communicating what we do – A pre-season campaign to raise awareness

Agreed – to issue a weekly news release through our media channels [action – SR and JD]

Agreed – to put together a communication plan over the summer [action – SR]

8. Ashton Gate – An Asset of Community value – agreed to renew our application [action – SR]

9. AOB pre-notified      Hillsborough – request from fan to take memento – scarf was agreed [action – MA]

Book about City, hopefully inc Atyeo Statue names –information from MA.

10. Next meeting – Wednesday 1st May.

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