Latest Stadium Survey – Singing & Standing

Here is the text of a survey on singing and standing that has been sent out to everyone on our mailing list (some 6,600 fans). Click here to complete this important fans’ survey or read on the full e-mail message:

Please take part in this quick survey. Your views are important. The survey results will be sent to the club before seating and ticketing arrangements are finalised for next season.

A singing section? Unreserved seating? The importance of a good atmosphere? What are your views? Which part of the ground would you like to be in next season and beyond? What will get the ground rocking?

Please let us know TODAY! Click here to have your say

This survey will close after the Gillingham game at midnight on the 29th. We’ll then release the results during the first week of February, present them to the club and invite the FAN (formerly the Fans’ Parliament) to discuss them at their meeting on Feb 12th. All in time, we believe, to be taken into full consideration by the club before seating and ticketing arrangements for next season are finalised.

So please have your say NOW! Click here to complete this quick survey – compiled by supporters, for supporters!

PS: If you are not on our mailing list and would like to be kept up to date, please enter your name and e-mail address in the ‘Newsletter sign-up’ box below right.

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