Kids, be our guests! Take 4.

As you may recall, when City announced the prices for 2018/19 season tickets, all concessionary prices for under 12s and under 19s in certain areas of the ground were removed. Familes and groups of fans faced trying to find seats together elsewhere or staying put and coughing up full adult price for everyone.

Well, we decided to do something about that, and paid for eight fans, including six young ones, to go to each home league game of the 2018/19 season as our guests! We repeated the scheme for 2019/20, paused during lockdown, repeated it again for 2020/21 and are pleased to confirm that we’re doing it again for 2022/23.

In March 2018, the Supporters Club & Trust impressed on the club that their pricing policy showed a shocking lack of empathy with the fans and apparently no understanding of how socialising as a group is a key part of the matchday experience for many. In response, the club did then ultimately reinstate junior price categories in the areas concerned, but at much higher prices than before. So the SC&T stepped in and launched a ‘Fans of the Future‘ scheme to help fund the price increase for supporters who would otherwise have found it difficult to pay it themselves.

We also purchased a group of 8 season tickets to make available to young fans and their parents/guardians free of charge for each home league game of the season.

The seats are on the very front row of the Lansdown Stand, at pitch level, almost within touching distance of the City bench. It’s practically impossible to get closer to the action! (They are the third seat from the bottom of this photo up to the seat next to the gentleman with glasses facing our way.)

For these seats we have three adult season tickets and five under 19s ones available for use.

We would ideally like these to be used by parents/guardians bringing a group of youngsters to a game for a special occasion, e.g. a birthday, and that for some of the kids at least it is their first visit to Ashton Gate. Part of the objective, after all, is to introduce ‘fans of the future’ to the pleasure (and pain) of supporting Bristol City! Groups can be 2 adults and 6 kids, or we can split the tickets into two smaller groups, e.g. 2 adults and 3 kids, 1 adult and 2 kids.

To apply for the use of the tickets for a particular game, just e-mail us at

Applications will be processed strictly in order of receipt and based on best utilisation of the tickets. One booking per family (schools, youth groups etc. may apply more than once in order to bring along different groups of kids. Such applications will be accepted/declined at the SC&T’s discretion).

After payment of a £50 deposit, refunded in full upon their safe return, the season tickets will be available for collection from the Supporters Club & Trust bar before the respective game. The lead adult in the group is responsible for ensuring that the under 19s tickets are used by kids/teenagers under that age (failure to do so may result in ejection from the ground).

So, if you want to bring a group of kids to a City game and sit right up close to the action, apply for free use of these season tickets now.

Games available/booked:

06/08/2022 Bristol City v Sunderland – Booked

16/08/2022 Bristol City v Luton Town – Booked

21/08/2022 Bristol City v Cardiff City – 3 tickets left

31/08/2022 Bristol City v Huddersfield Town – Booked

10/09/2022 Bristol City v Preston NE – Booked

01/10/2022 Bristol City v QPR – Booked

04/10/2022 Bristol City v Coventry City – Booked

15/10/2022 Bristol City v Millwall – Booked

29/10/2022 Bristol City v Swansea City – Booked

01/11/2022 Bristol City v Sheffield Utd – 4 tickets left

12/11/2022 Bristol City v Watford – Booked

17/12/2022 Bristol City v Stoke City – Booked

26/12/2022 Bristol City v WBA – Booked

14/01/2023 Bristol City v Birmingham City – 2 tickets left

21/01/2023 Bristol City v Blackburn Rovers – Booked

11/02/2023 Bristol City v Norwich City – Booked

15/02/2023 Bristol City v Wigan Athletic – Booked

25/02/2023 Bristol City v Hull City – Booked

11/03/2023 Bristol City v Blackpool – Booked

01/04/2023 Bristol City v Reading – Booked

10/04/2023 Bristol City v Middlesbrough – Booked

22/04/2023 Bristol City v Rotherham Utd – Booked

29/04/2023 Bristol City v Burnley – Booked

(All dates and KO times shown above are subject to change. See the official club website for definitive details).

PS: If you would like to help us to continue this sort of initiative to help introduce young fans to Bristol City, please donate here to our ‘Fans of the Future’ fund. Thank you.

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