January 2023 Minutes

Board Meeting online using Zoom

Wednesday 4th January 2023, 7:00pm


PRESENT  Board: Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, Terry Hamlin TH, Shahan Miah SM, Jon Watts JW, D-M Withers DMW. Members:  Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR, Rob Stephen RS. Supporters: Paul Hunt PH, Ian Ingram II, Mark Newman MN, Neil Palmer NP, Matt Seaward MS. BCFC: Jerry Tocknell (SLO). Police Liaison: Dave Walker DW.
APOLOGIES James Nicholls JN, Leah Davis LD, Eve Ralph ER, James Thomas JT, Katrina Watts KW.
1. Minutes & Matters Arising
Update honours boards in the Supporters Bar [ACTION MA] 
2. SLO & Police Overview
DW – matches have seen good behaviour including the Millwall game.  Precautions are being taken for the Birmingham game as protests by home supporters have been publicised. Likewise, on one day both Rovers and City are at home so potentially four sets of supporters in the centre of Bristol. Pyros used on a match day are most likely to be defined as a football-related incident even if they occur away from the stadium.
SLO – Swansea and Birmingham games are both sold out. A few issues at Coventry where police admitted error in forcing our fans to cross a dangerous road back to a car park. All the Club ticket offers are going well. Rewards Scheme looks good and promised to be published in around one month’s time. 
SM - The last structured dialogue meeting re our Supporters Survey results had Gavin Marshall & Grace Williams in attendance. Emily Poole has since been appointed Fan Engagement Executive and as such attended our AGM. Emma Jolliffe has joined as the new Operations Manager. Grace Williams' new job title is General Manager.
DMW – A Fans Forum has been arranged for Wednesday 8th March, which is International Women’s Day—again in the Supporters Bar at 6.30pm. The Dolman Stand will be open to spectators for the match against Charlton Athletic on April 23rd.
A Pride Football Scarf has been designed to coincide with the Bristol Pride Festival, 24 June to 9 July.  DMW is composing a newsletter to use at games and will circulate the text. [ACTION DMW]
We hope to hold an Away Day Forum for the men’s team. [ACTION SR] 
4. Fan Led Review
The monthly structured dialogue has continued with Richard Gould and Dave Barton. Incoming CEO Phil Alexander will attend on 20th January. It appears that an official Regulator is likely to be appointed. In appreciation of his work at the Club, it was decided to invite Richard to our Supporters Bar and to award him Honorary Membership of BCSC&T. [ACTION SR & MA] 
5. BCFC Heritage & Archive Ltd
The meetings are still essentially establishing the company.
6. AGM Debrief
TH said the event went very well to general agreement. The minutes were accepted by the board and will be presented to the next AGM. In the meantime they will be used in the media.
7. Hall of Fame
The results of the vote will be released after all the winners have been informed. Suitable games for the presentations were considered.
Corinne Yorston & Loren Dykes MBE – the last Women’s home game of the season — against Charlton Athletic at Ashton Gate on April 23rd - was agreed & to be taken back to the club to see if they agree
Inductee #1 - MA had spoken to his son and asked him to inform the family and think about how they would like a presentation to take place and to choose an appropriate match.
Inductee #2 – NP offered to check on his availability.
Inductee #3 – Wednesday 15th February is suggested as his current team will not have a game when Wigan Athletic are our visitors. 
8. Communications Plan
Survey results - SR, MH & SM will design a programme to drip-feed via the media.
Associate Membership – will be promoted along with ordinary membership when a regulator is appointed putting the matter in the News.
9. AOB
Supporters Bar open for Arnold Clark Cup at Ashton Gate – MA [ACTION] to check availability
End of season award presentations - MA [ACTION] to pursue.
Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 1st February 2023

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