Raise a statue to Atyeo

Atyeo statue – Is your name on the list?

It will very soon be time for the statue to John Atyeo to be erected and unveiled outside Ashton Gate. Over a hundred supporters who donated towards the cost of the statue will then see their name or that someone they nominated on the statue plinth.

Over the last few months, we’ve been checking our records to ensure that for everyone who bought a space on the plinth we have the correct name listed. Now, we want to make doubly sure that we’ve missed nobody out.

If you have bought a name ‘plaque’ on the plinth (or seem to recall doing so – after all this scheme goes right back to 2009!), please look for your surname on the list below. If you do NOT see it there, please contact us without delay (atyeostatue@bristolcitysupporters.org) so that we can look into the matter for you.

Surnames_listIf you had always been intending to buy a ‘slot’ on the plinth, but never quite got round to it and are now cursing because you’ve left it too late … don’t! For a few more days we can still accept orders. However, midnight on Friday 21st October has to be the absolute cut-off point. So, if you’d still like to book a space, don’t delay!


PS: We have not listed full names or the names as they are to appear on the plinth, as we are aware that some have been bought as presents and are intended to be a surprise.

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