November 2021 Minutes

Board Meeting online using Zoom

Wednesday 3rd November 2021, 7.00pm


Present  Board  Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH, Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, Terry Hamlin, Shahan Miah SM, James Nicholls JN, D-M Withers D-MW (late).  Members  Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR.  Police  Dave Walker DW (Football Support Officer).  Football Club  Gareth Torpy GT (Supporter Services & Disability Liaison Officer).  Supporters  Leah Case LC, Simon Orriss SO, Eve Ralph ER
Apologies  James Thomas, Jerry Tocknell JT (SLO), Jon Watts, Katrina Watts
1. Football Club update
GT gave an account of happenings at Ashton Gate.  He said the Club was taking the Colour Blindness issue very seriously and would be issuing a robust statement shortly, considering our discussion papers at a meeting the following day and attending an EFL Forum on the subject the following week.  Men’s Kit Manager Scott Murray, who is affected by colour blindness himself, is already active in this area with his opposite numbers at other clubs.  We need to contact the person responsible for the Women’s team kit. [Action GT]
Hall of Fame     Two nominations were accepted without a fans vote as they had both made outstanding contributions to the Club.  Loren Dykes MBE made 101 City appearances 2008-20 plus 105 appearances for Wales.  Corinne Yorston had two spells with Bristol Academy 2005-09 and 2010-14 then one with BCWFC 2016-18 plus six appearances for England.
D-MW and SM are working with Gavin Marshall/Grace Williams on separate fans forum/Q&A for City Women. [Action D-MW and SM]
3. Annual fans survey
MH was going through the feedback to the circulated draft questions.  Sections about songs and safe standing need to be added and any other ideas need to be sent in without delay. [Action – all] A separate Women’s Survey was mooted. [Action D-MW and SM]
4. Partnerships
#hergametoo  Leah has designed the flags, which will be used at matches and in the Supporters Bar.   GT said there is no barrier to girls being flag bearers; they would need to book with 12-30 places available. Leah will contact Richard Gould directly about more areas of partnership working. [Action LC]
Ashton Gate Eight 40th Anniversary  Scott Davidson is leading on behalf of the Club.  Our plaque will be relocated and we need to retrieve copies of our AG8 Brochure stored in the Supporters Bar.  A big event is being planned for the home match v Middlesbrough on Saturday 19th February.  A dinner is planned for the previous day with players staying overnight.  A virtual museum is also being considered.  It is hoped Jonathan Pearce will be available to host these events.  Jerry Tocknell has delivered original paintings to the players.  MA said he had already been involved and had shared his database of former players with Neil Palmer, who is organising the recently-formed Former Players Association. [Action SR]
5. Supporters Bar
The lift up from the Sports Bar is still out of order.  One serious consequence is that fans cannot access the disabled toilet in the Mezzanine area. [Action GT]
The Bar will be a focus for the Women’s Championship match v Blackburn Rovers on Sunday 14th November. [Action SM to create a publicity article and get it QC’d for our website]
The non-working TV can be removed to create space for the Women’s awards.
[Action GT - TVs and JD – display cases]
6. Colour Blindness
MA had circulated discussion papers pre-meeting (here and here).  SO had brought this matter to our attention and he explained the problems.  His recommendations are the ones included in our discussion papers and they will be forwarded to the Club and hopefully be effective for future matches.
7. Policing, Health & Safety
DW reported no disorder at the Barnsley game and a marked improvement in general behaviour in the last few games.  There had been no pyrotechnics since the first game of the season except among away supporters.
8. Language used in the stadium including the ‘singing section’
We and the Club are keen to get young fans joining in singing and we are all concerned about the language used in some songs.  Some people from the football club will talk to S82 and fans in other areas of the ground about bad language.  Suitable questions will be devised for our annual survey. [Action SR to talk to fans in S82 pre-match before we devise an action plan and design a statement on this issue]
The telephone number for reporting abusive behaviour needs to be visible in all parts of the stadium and it would be good if the Her Game Too and Kick It Out logos could be included. [Action GT}
9. Finance and accounts
SR gave a brief account of the current position.  The 2019 accounts have been filed and only a few items are outstanding in order to complete the 2020 accounts.
Current account:            £88,316
Savings account:            £35,878
PayPal main:                  £3,267
PayPal OTIB:                  £5,899
                        Total:   £133,360
10. Safe Standing and Possible Dedicated Areas
a) The number of clubs to be allowed to take part in safe-standing trials is to be expanded to satisfy demand.
b) A relaxation on the ban on drinking alcohol in sight of the pitch is expected to 
be suggested in the findings of the Fan-Led Review.  JD surmised that this might 
then be allowed only in specific areas of a ground, while still banned in others.
11. Future meetings
The next meeting is on Wednesday, 1st December and will be on Zoom.  At that meeting, we need to decide whether to return to a face-to-face meeting for 5th January.

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