December 2021 Minutes

Board Meeting online using Zoom

Wednesday 1st December 2021, 7.00pm



Present:  Board  Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, Terry Hamlin, Shahan Miah SM, James Nicholls JN, D-M Withers DM.  Members  Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR.  Police  Dave Walker DW (Football Support Officer).  Football Club  Jerry Tocknell JT (SLO).   Supporters  Rob Hall (Panthers) RH, Mark Newman MN, Will Shipton WS, Paul Hunt PH, Ian Heath IH.

Apologies:  James Thomas, Jon Watts, Katrina Watts
1. SLO

Unsocial behaviour – call number now features on pitchside hoardings and posters around the round.

Support in 18-24 age group – dropping off.

Colour Blindness – Club cannot instruct away club; Club secretary has contacted EFL asking for directions to be issued to clubs.  In discussion: BCFC could advise away club based on the data we have supplied. [Action SLO]
Popular away games – SC holders to be given one exclusive day to buy tickets based on the number of away games attended so far this season.
Liverpool game in April – SM advised that Supporters Bar being open for Blackburn game was not busy, advised of alternative SC&T presence for next AG game. [Action SM DM]
Hall of Fame – dedicated event for Women unlikely – will join with Men at end of season. DM clarified that the dedicated event was additional and about the women inductees.
MOU – meeting in 2022 for Men/Women.[Action SM & DM to arrange with the Club]
JD [Action] offered to assist MH with devising the questions.
Bristol City Panthers FC – RH was guesting on behalf of the Panthers LGBTQIA2S football team.  He outlined their history and said they were proud to wear the Robins Foundation badge.  Discussion ensued on how we could contribute e.g., some form of sponsorship.  AGREED to support the Panthers at the next Pride event in Bristol.
Ashton Gate Eight Anniversary – Scott Davidson is spearheading the arrangements and BCSCT has a central part.
AGREED to set aside up to £10K kitty.  Our AG8 plaque needs relocation, on a free-standing support, to a central area and eight miniatures are needed for presentation to the players.  We can help cover the cost of the event programme.  We are also charged with producing a large surfer (à la Scotty size) which Sean Takle is designing; we should use Climate-friendly materials. SR given authority to allocate the funds, however, for good governance should include two other board members for sign off. [Action all SR]
Behaviour - generally has been poor nationally in football following the easing of restrictions during Lockdown; incidents at Ashton Gate have reflected this national trend.  Abusive behaviour against a Stoke player resulted in a supporter being identified and dealt with by police.
Entry searches – related to increased national alert level hence regrettably no warning first time of operation.
Parking - a continuing problem on Winterstoke Road and in other areas surrounding the stadium.  The police are asking the Local Authority to patrol these areas on match days and take appropriate action.
There are many points which apply directly to us (qv), notably the “Golden Share”
AGREED to have a structured conversation online to establish our position. [Action JD, SR]
Agenda to be created for a meeting around Fan-led Review and contact MPs. [Action JD, SR]
The lift – repairs have begun.
Robins Foundation card sellers – AGREED to allow them to operate in our Supporters Bar.
Flags – best kept in the special lock-up near Section 82.  An appeal for helpers with flags will be included in our next newsletter. [Action JD]
AGREED to continue online as it attracts a wider attendance: next is 5th January 2022.

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