Minutes February 2020

Monthly Meeting, The Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 5 February 2020, 7.30pm


Board                      Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH (vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, Terry Hamlin TH, James Nicholls JN, Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW

Members                 John Croker JC       BCFC SLO Jerry Tocknell JT   Police Liaison – Julie Hayward JH

Apologies                Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR, Dave Walker DW

1. Minutes & actions from last meeting

Ashton Gate Eight – emailed JL about collaboration – no reply so far.

Change of address for shares issue – details emailed to SLO.

Ashton Gate is registered as a community asset.
Middlesbrough Fan Fundraiser - they are awaiting a verdict in their court case.
125 celebration – we have been put in touch with organiser, Katie Griffin.
Freedom of information request – must reply in 20 working days, around 11 February
Emails to SLO at SLO address not receiving replies.

Q&A session suggested for Forest game is being left to the Club.  Jerry has been sent contact details for the Notts County Bar at Meadow Lane.

Bristol City Women’s Supporters Club is just forming; Stu has supplied his number if help needed.

2. Jerry Tocknell, SLO

Bobby H – will be guest on coach to Birmingham and will lead the teams out – fans initiative.

Flags at Ashton Gate – they were masking an advertising hording so stewards had to remove them.

OTIB – Jerry had answered all the questions.

Ticket prices – ours are 4th highest in the Championship.

Scrumpy Mascot – will be revived soon.

 [MA – devise scheme for accommodating foreign supporters]

[JT – numbering in concourse for more direct access to seats]

[JT – inclusion of LG BT Clubs]

[JT- fold-up seats in the concourse]

[JT – book of 10 tickets primarily for those who cannot attend Saturday games]

[JT – Female kit – new management in the Store; opportunity to pursue]

[JT – Booking fees have crept back in]

 [MH – extra coach to away matches – to JT & Ryan Corrigan, CC Lee and JL]

3. Survey results, community projects

4. Supporters Bar

TVs cannot be replaced currently because the building has maximum number according to its licence.

[JT – outstanding repairs to lights]

[JD – to inform Club that pre-match is only time exclusive use for BCSCT]

[JT – expansion of Supporters Bar]

5. Police

Shrewsbury – the smoke grenade was not caught on CCTV

Barnsley – one arrest for impersonating a police officer

6. NEW – FSA Safer Gambling Campaign

[MH – to inform Club to expect communication and take appropriate action]

[MA – to recirculate FSA communication]

7. Heritage

Dave Caines – helped us in 1982 with gaining sponsors and coached up to at least 1986.  Funeral attended by Scott Murray and former keeper Mike Gibson, who both spoke on behalf of the Club.

CTID books – these are now available free from the Supporters Bar on matchdays.

8. AOB (advance notice please) (a) AGM draft minutes

9. Forthcoming meetings                     March 4, April 1st, May 6

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