Asthon Gate redevelopment

Ashton Gate consultation

In response to the request from Bristol Sport for input from supporters with ideas for the final look and feel of the redeveloped Ashton Gate, the Supporters’ Club & Trust submitted the document linked to below.

It touches on some general issues of stadium ownership and pricing, as well as specific design ideas like an unmistakable ‘home end’, family area, smokers’ facilitiy, flag storage, street art and the Atyeo statue.

We understand that Bristol Sport received around a hundred submissions in all from fans, including from supporters of Bristol Rugby, which will hopefully prove useful to them.

Here’s our submission (click image to open PDF):

Consultation submission


One thought on “Ashton Gate consultation

  1. Martyn Pyne says

    The drawings look fabulous and I am very much looking forward to visiting it when it’s completed.

    Over the years I have asked the question whether the club will give tickets at discount prices for the military? I have never really had a satisfactory answer.
    I know on occasions tickets can be found on ‘tickets for troops’ but these are few and far between.
    The club has concessions for the elderly and for students but how about the military?
    Thanks in advance,

    Marty 🙂

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