Supporters’ Database Login

If you are a member of the Supporters Club & Trust or are registered on our database as a result, for instance, of signing up for our newsletter or taking part in an online survey, you can access your database record by logging in below.

This enables you, for instance, to update your postal or e-mail address, to change your password and, if you are not a member, to join online.

To login, enter your user name and password below:

Don’t know your login details?

No worries! Just enter your e-mail below and – as long as it matches the e-mail address that we have on record for you – the system will automatically send these to you.


All the family registered on one e-mail address?

If you have several family members registered with us on the same e-mail address, please e-mail us from that e-mail address with the names concerned and we will send you each individual’s login details. Send your e-mail to: membership.secretary @ (removing the spaces). As this is not an automated process, please allow up to 24 hours for us to reply.