Supporters Survey 2022 Results – Part 1

Back in July, City fans were invited to take part in a comprehensive survey run by the Supporters Club & Trust. This is the first of a series of articles that will look at some of the key findings from that survey.

One topical question related to the Fan Led Review and how much supporters thought they should have a say in decisions about ‘heritage assets’ such as club colours, name, stadium location and so on.

The question read:

One of the Fan Led Review recommendations is that clubs should have to obtain supporter approval before making changes to, for instance, the club name, colours or crest, the stadium location or the stadium name.

All changes to such ‘heritage assets’ would remain possible, but only with supporters’ approval.

With that in mind, to what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Clubs should be required to obtain supporters’ approval before making any changes to the club’s name, colours, stadium name or stadium location, and before making any material changes to its crest.

The results were unambiguous:

Over 90% of respondents either completely agreed or tended to agree that clubs should gain supporters’ approval before making any changes to these key heritage assets.

Having seen over the years the examples of this not happening at the likes of Wimbledon (location changed), Cardiff City (club colours and crest changed) and Hull City (attempted change of club name), the SC&T fully supports this view. Clubs should only be allowed to change these things if the supporters agree.

We will be releasing more findings from our Supporters Survey in due course.
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