July 2021 Minutes

Board Meeting online using Zoom

Wednesday 21st July 2021, 7.00pm


Board present        Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH, Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, Terry Hamlin TH, Shahan Miah SM, James Nicholls JN, James Thomas JTm, D-M Withers DW.
Apologies  D-M Withers, Jerry Tocknell SLO, Jon Watts, Katrina Watts
1. SLO update (via SR)
Next meeting - Richard Gould will be invited to attend.  Fan on Board – too early to press at this meeting.  Seats being sold at a higher price than amount previously refunded - will not happen again.  New membership scheme – completed without any consultation.  Supporters Bar would be available to us for the Blackpool game.
2. Safe Standing
Following a site visit, MH had emailed Bristol Sport with our concerns despite their design having SAG approval.  We believe that a person seated in a number of the lower rows could bang their head on the horizontal bar and the same for a taller person in rows further back.  Secondly the space for fans to move along these rows is restricted.  These concerns would have to be conveyed to fans in some way and the BCSCT’s position made public. [ActionMH to draft statement]
3. BCWFC - meeting with Gavin Marshall, 16 July 2021
Gavin outlined changes that have happened at BCWFC since the end of the season.  With relegation, the aim now is to rediscover what has made Bristol a successful club in the past.  There has been a decrease in the player budget that has been balanced against increase in staff wages and facilities. The plan is to stabilise our position within the FAWC over the coming season.  We can't match the investment on a scale of Aston Villa, Leicester, etc so the focus will be on developing regional talent and young players through the regional training centres.  Currently clubs that develop young talent do not receive compensation in the 16-18 age bracket though some compensation is available for 18-24.  Hopefully the rules will be rectified in the near so that the women’s game reflects the men's game.
Transport to RHPC on match days – talks with First Bus are ongoing for a shuttle to and from the city centre.
MOU – will be reviewed at the next meeting, possibly with new General Manager in mid-August.
Ashton Gate - to host two matches next season, including during women's football weekend in November.
Schools reach out - possibility of players visiting May Park Primary School, Eastville and others next school year.
4. Hall of Fame
MA said that a fourth intake of inductees was overdue, and he would be featuring the Hall of Fame in a season-long page in the ROBINS programme and proposed to start a public discussion, which would lead to a vote of fans.  It was felt there should be minimum criteria for a player to be a candidate eg number of appearances should be not less than the current minimum.  The event should be in conjunction with BCFC.  Candidates should be spread across the decades from the 50s onwards. [ActionMA]
5. Q&A sessions
We have never done West Brom, Cardiff, Fulham, Coventry, Peterborough, QPR, Hull, Blackburn, Stoke, Birmingham, and Reading. Some have been considered before and not easy logistically. A reminder that the original intention of this is to allow access to Football Club officials for exiled fans. Having run a number of these ourselves with Steve Lansdown, we now hope to do this in a collaborative way with the football club. [ActionSR]
6. Annual Fans Survey - [ActionMH to complete and circulate by the end of the month]
7. Finance and accounts
The 2019 accounts have been submitted for financial review.  JT will complete the 2020 accounts by the end of the summer
8. AOB
Ashton Gate Eight  - It will be the 40th anniversary in February 2022. [Action with forward planningMA]
Taking the Knee - it was decided to prepare a statement in support of the players for issue in the event of notable opposition to the players at any point this coming season. [ActionSM to draft and circulate for discussion]
Flags – flags of the size for carrying on a pole will be purchased for use at men’s and women’s games. [ActionSM to draft designs and specs]
9. Next meeting – a date in September TBA on which Richard Gould can attend.

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