The Home of Football

For football heritage, against modern greed

While the chairman of Sheffield Wednesday thinks it is appropriate to charge £39 for second tier football, another Sheffield football club chairman is politely asking football fans from all over the globe to help his club move back to its spiritual home.

He is Chairman Jim. His club: Sheffield FC, the first and oldest football club in the world, without which we might not have the sport that we all enjoy today.

While greed prevails in so much of the modern game, Sheffield FC are trying to restore an important part of football’s heritage, by taking the club back to the very field on which the game was born and building the ‘Home of Football’.

They are seeking to raise £150,000 and have made a good start, with donations coming in from all over the world. At the time of writing, they had raised £16,000 in under two weeks.

Let Chairman Jim explain:

At Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust we’d like to give them a helping hand… and at the same time show those greedy modern owners who would take our support for our own club for granted that we will not be taken for a ride, but also that we are not mean with money and are quite happy to spend it when we consider the price is fair or the cause worthwhile. Like preserving the heritage of the beautiful game.

If you’d like to support Sheffield FC and this worthy cause, please donate below. We’ve suggested a few amounts that you might like to give. Alternatively you can enter any amount you would like to donate to help bring football home.

Click here to donate

All donations will be pooled together and presented to Sheffield FC by Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust on behalf of City supporters and friends.

Let our response to the avarice of Sheffield Wednesday’s chairman be to do some good for Chairman Jim of Sheffield FC! By supporting football heritage and standing up against modern football greed.

Update: £225 was raised and donated to the Sheffield FC fundraiser.

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