FAN passes Club & Trust proposal

Members of the Supporters Club & Trust presented the findings of the recent survey into match atmosphere at tonight’s meeting of the Fans Advisory Network (FAN) at Ashton Gate.

Following a general discussion of the results, FAN members were invited to pass the following resolution:

Having considered the findings of the fans survey into match atmosphere, FAN calls on Bristol Sport to give serious consideration to undertaking the following:

a) to designate the back of the South Stand, or part of it, as a ‘singing section’ next season

b) to operate an unreserved seating policy for non sell-out games in the singing section and in one or more other areas of the ground if there is a demand and it is economically viable

c) to encourage individuality and creativity among supporters, notably the display of flags and the creation of street art and to facilitate these activities by having a dialogue with fans to establish what is welcomed and what is not

d) to continue the successful policy in recent seasons of taking a pragmatic approach to standing in one designated area of the ground

We are pleased to report that this motion was carried. We now look forward to working with Bristol Sport, the FAN and other supporter groups to help work through the practical implementation of these proposals.

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