Minutes November 2018

Monthly Meeting, The Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 7 November 2018, 7.30pm




Board – Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Mikes Hendy (Vice-chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Terry Hamlin TH, James Nicholls JN, Katrina Watts KW, Jon Watts JW         Members – John Croker, Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR

Club – , Matt Parsons MP (SLO)               Police Liaison – Dave Walker DW


  1. Apologies – Marie Day MD, Julie Hayward JH, Reg Coombes RC, Scott Maker SM


  1. Minutes and Matters Arising – none


  1. Safe standing

JD reported significant progress nationally:

A new Green Guide had been published, including a section on seats incorporating barriers (aka rail seats). The SGSA had also confirmed that it is now possible for a stadium fitted with such seats (e.g. Spurs’ new ground) to be licensed as compliant with the all-seater policy. When this becomes public knowledge, we will issue a press release with images of how we’d like AG to look with rail seats, which we hope will encourage BCFC to be more proactive in this area. In recent months they had declined to engage in dialogue on the issue.


  1. Legal and Police (following JH’s emailed report)

Stoke home game   This was policed with less police in the singing section area. The two arrests were both Stoke fans, one for drunk and incapable, who was cautioned. The second male was arrested for letting off and throwing the smoke grenade that landed on the netting. The incident was caught on club CCTV and by police evidence gatherers cameras and personconcerned was subsequently charged to court. Once convicted a football banning order will be applied for at court

Reading away game   Despite numerous emails, we could not get more tickets. We are aware there were issues on the segregation line and no police deployed unfortunately. The police have requested the club CCTV and the evidence gatherers footage from Thames Valley Police to enable identification of any offences or offenders.

Millwall home game   This will be a C Grade high risk game, officers will be in PSU uniform with a number of officers on duty, including Devon and Cornwall and extra police horses from South Wales. A large number of Dutch fans was expected from Willem II so Dutch police officers will also be in attendance.

Charity match   We are in the process of arranging a match against the Community Trust so it will be Police Football officers against them with the involvement hopefully of some of the youth we have been working with playing alongside police officers. We did this at Bristol Rovers recently and it seemed a huge success with 100 members of the local community coming out to watch and support. We are hoping for a post-season game.


Legal Case   The police have received no update from WMP. The case has been assigned to a judge but the London courts are seriously behind schedule. A date for the court hearing is expected next. The disclosures are proceeding.


  1. Supporters Bar

Operational procedures   Mike Keeling has drawn up a list of procedures to cover problems which have arisen.

Honours Boards from Signet Signs have been paid for, which includes installing.

Food rulings has been queried – decisions received were different from the original agreement.

Library   A suitable place will be identified for a shelf [action JN].

1970s action picture   Peter Wood requested we supply a suitable frame and this was agreed.

Overspill area We can apply to use the mezzanine on a match when it is not otherwise being used.


  1. Financial matters The 2016 accounts have been completed and 2017 are not far away. We must not be more than three years in arrears with providing audited accounts.


  1. AOB

Former players   A good time for visits is around 1.30pm. MA arranges tickets for some regular former players and they use the Supporters Bar. Wayne Hadley runs an agency employed by AGL to supply personalities for hospitality, who will also visit our Supporters Bar.

Away travel   More coaches could have been provided for the WBA game. MP answered that Club policy has to work to enable the service to run. JN said the service should not be a money maker but a true service for those fans who support the team away – so much appreciated by the team management.


  1. Membership database The new system was due to come into operation on 3rd December. 420 paid-up members.


  1. Next meeting – Wednesday 9 January 2019

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