Minutes May 2018

Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust

Monthly Meeting, The Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 2 May 2018, 7.30pm


Board – Miles Hendy MH (chair), Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Katrina Watts KW, Jon Watts JW

Members – John Croker, Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR

Club – Matt Parsons MP (SLO)                 Visitor – Adrian Male              Police Liaison – Dave Walker DW

Apologies – Stuart Rogers SR, Reg Coombes PC, Marie Day MD, Julie Hayward JH, Scott Maker SM, Terry Hamlin TH, James Nicholls JN, Sean Takle ST


  1. Matt Parsons
  2. a) A ‘retro shirts day’ has been floated and the meeting thought this was a good idea. The last away game next season was one of the suggestions.
  3. b) Fan obituaries – the Club is getting so many requests eg five for the forthcoming game, that a way of including them all needs to be found. A ‘roll of remembrance’ of fans who had passed away during the season could appear on the big screens and in the matchday programme; the meeting thought the last home game of the season with one minute’s applause was most appropriate. Current players should take part in the applause.  Names should be forwarded to the SLO.  A way of thanking players who were known to be leaving the Club was also desirable.
  4. c) Spectator feedback is being encouraged in connection with social behaviour at matches eg bad language. This is part of the EFL ‘Enjoying the Match’ campaign. The Club will provide a mobile number for spectators to call the control room.
  5. d) ‘Club identity’ – the question was put – ‘What specifically identifies Bristol City?’ Ideas included:

West Country, cider, Wurzels, farming eg tractors, family club.  The meeting noted that BCFC is promoted as the largest Football Club and stadium of the south west along with its conference facilities.

[Action all points – MP and the Club]


  1. Fans Funding Fans of the Future
  2. a) A total of £735 has been issued to 11 fans.
  3. b) The Club is OK with us purchasing the block of 8 season cards for the second part of the scheme, i.e. for allocating match-by-match to parents/guardians with a group of kids. Jon [Action] to create a process for applications ready for next season. It was suggested that a deposit of £50 be requested for the cards.


  1. Legal and Police updates

There had been some trouble in the street pre-match at Millwall.  This is under investigation.


  1. Player-of-the-Year presentations

All arrangements were in hand.


  1. Supporters Bar

No progress on the new CRM / membership card system, as Sport:80 are trimming down their very long contract and this was still with their lawyers.  The large 1970s photo offered by a fan has been produced and just needs framing.  There are some problems with the bar pumps, so we are looking to improve this for next season.  Mark Kelly is yet to reply to Jon’s questions about this.  [Action continuing – JD]


  1. ‘Garland Or Me!’ – play at Tobacco Factory May 30 & 31 and June 1 & 2 with Saturday matinée. The board agreed to attend en bloc at the Thursday performance, meeting at the venue.


  1. Atyeo Statue final set of 42 names – Pete Smith had confirmed that the Buy-a-Brick scheme is ending on 8th June. After that date we can promote the final 42 names.  It was agreed the best time now would be the start of next season.  [Action – MA and JD]


  1. Safe Standing

Parliament is to debate the petition to ‘Allow Premier League and Championship football clubs to introduce safe standing’ on 25 June 2018.  Petition signatories will receive a debate transcript and video.


  1. CATS coaches and schedules
  2. a) Coaches had arrived with little time to spare at a recent away match.
  3. b) Fans had been disappointed when additional coach had not been ordered.

[Action – MP and the Club]


  1. Next meeting – Wednesday 6 June 2018

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