Minutes March 2017

Monthly Meeting, The Rising Sun, 21 Ashton Rd, Bristol BS3 2EA

Wednesday 1st March 2017, 7.30pm

(no meeting in February 2017) 


Board                      Stuart Rogers (SR, chair), Mike Adams (MA, mins), Marie Day MD, Terry Hamlin TH, Miles Hendy MH,

James Nicholls JN, Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW

Members                 Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR

Bristol Sport           Adam Baker ABr, Mark Kelly MK

Police Liaison         Julie Hayward JH, Dave Walker DW

Apologies                Jon Darch JD


  1. Supporters Club & Trust bar

MK confirmed that the Club are keen to release our old bar area hopefully in time for us to decorate in time for opening at the start of next season.  Martin Griffiths is meeting the design team and should have definite plans by 17 March.  There is probably 6-8 weeks work to be done before the release to BCSCT.  JD’s proposal is still under discussion.  Toilets on the concourse would be available.  The area will be self-contained so usable on non-match days.  Security staff are on duty most evenings.


  1. South-Dolman (S&D) corner bar

The Atyeo singing section is planned to move to the East corner of the south Stand.  The space under the Atyeo stand will be used largely for pitch equipment.  Initially, the only chance of a supporters bar is to use the current Butcombe Ale bar.  If occupants of that corner are relocated to other parts of the site, space may become available for a supporters bar as was envisaged for the Atyeo stand.


  1. Season Card proposals following the FAN meeting

The Club’s proposals for Season Cards 2017/18 were outlined at the last FAN meeting.  FAN has sent comments to the Club and BSL’s discussions are ongoing.  The family section, at present occupying the S&D corner, have agreed to move to the Upper Lansdown next season.  A major advantage is the ability to provide children’s facilities in that concourse.  The Upper Lansdown will not be available for other home supporters unless the rest of the stadium is sold out.


  1. Bristol Sport Survey

SC PLUS members constituted 73% of the respondents.  The benefit rated most highly by fans was the 15% food/drink/store discount (80% fans), followed by ticket priority.  78% did not want to use the Upper Lansdown; 70% rated the singing area important; 73% valued having a Family Area.  The idea of Gift Cards for the Store arose in discussion [action – the Club]


  1. End-of-season awards, Hall of Fame III

It was agreed to hold the presentations after the final home game on the Lansdown concourse.  If the Club is in a relegation position, the event may be cancelled and a fall-back plan will come into operation.  Approximately six new members of the Hall of Fame will be elected and be included in the presentations.  The 40th anniversary of the final game of 1976/77 will also be celebrated; the players will be invited to the match. [action – MA, to circulate draft plans for the event]


  1. Ask the Owner Q&A meeting

By oversight one has not been held this season and it was agreed it was the wrong time to hold one now.


  1. Getting to know BCFC’s Head Coach & Chief Operating Officer

There was a discussion around making regular contact with Lee and Mark; adjourned for a suitable time period.


  1. Birmingham Legal Cases

West Midland Police have replied to our solicitor; they want each individual claimant to prove their presence at the incident in question.  They want each individual claimant to prove their presence at the incident in question, which is a positive sign.  The judgements on two other subsequent events involving supporters of other clubs and other police forces have reinforced our case.


  1. Atyeo Statue

The third and final set of 84 plaques for sale is reaching its conclusion with five currently unsold.  The plinth will be resurfaced and all the plaques added by the last home game.

BCSCT’s original contract with Tom Murphy, the sculptor, contained a clause to buy a minimum order of 20 miniature statues and 20 busts.  These have been produced but the BS Store ordered only 10 of each initially and despite selling all the miniature statues, refused to order any more.  Unfortunately the clause referred to was struck out of Tom’s contract with BCFC.  Tom and Mike have agreed informally to find a way of selling those left.  This includes advertising in the programme until the end of the season.


  1. ‘The ‘Old’ Ashton Gate – the Fans, Players and Memorable Matches’ book

Mike circulated draft text for a media release appealing for stories.  Adam [action] is to adapt for the BCFC website.  This will be co-ordinated with other media. [action – MA].


  1. Accounts update

Our current cash balance is inflated by the amount we will hand over to the Club for the Atyeo Statue soon after the end of the season when all the statue work has been completed.   The current total is approximately £110,000 of which £45,000 is available working capital.  A large amount is due to be spent on the refurbishment of the supporter’s bars at Ashton Gate.  The (audited?) 2015 accounts will be handed over on Saturday enabling our AGM to take place.  The auditor will deal with any future tax demands from HMRC.  Bank signatories – Stuart Rogers, James Nicholls, Miles Hendy, James Thomas, Jon Darch, Trina Watts and Marie Day – must obtain certified ID to be added to the list.


  1. AGM date

It was agreed to hold our AGM for this year in September before a suitable Saturday home match.  Nominations for the board and all officers would be sought.  The 2017 accounts will be done in time for a regularly-timed AGM in April 2018.


  1. Affiliations

Payments were agreed to Supporters Direct (£100 affiliation fee) and to the Football Supporters Federation (£100 donation in recognition of assistance received).  Our membership of Co-operatives and Mutuals in the South West will be further investigated. [action –MA]


  1. Supporters arrested at the Cardiff match

Julie gave an account of the sentences issued and indicated that the footage of the steward being attacked would be released in the near future with the agreement of his family.


  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday 5th April

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