Minutes August 2018

Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust

Monthly Meeting, The Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 1st August 2018, 7.30pm



Board – Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, Terry Hamlin TH, James Nicholls JN, Katrina Watts KW, Jon Watts JW

Club – Matt Parsons MP (SLO) Police Liaison – Dave Walker DW

Apologies – Reg Coombes RC, John Croker, Julie Hayward JH, Scott Maker SM, Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR


  1. Legal and Police update

Banning Orders   There had been nine arrests at Millwall last season; the CPS are deciding whether to charge so the matter is sub judice.  It was noted that BCFC had already served stadium bans on the nine individuals and concerns were expressed as to whether the club was thus treating them as guilty before they had been through the due legal process. JD asked as a general point, not specifically about this case, if BCFC had a written procedure in place that could be shared with us covering how stadium bans are issued and what opportunities are given to fans concerned to offer a defence ahead of any such ban. Mark Kelly and of David Storr would be invited to our first meeting following the conclusion of the cases [ACTION – MP]

Crowd Funding   It was agreed to set up a fund [ACTION – SR]

Legal Case   The defendants have signed a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’.


  1. Supporters Bar – membership cards | permanent bar | honours boards

Mini kegs will be used for the opening game(s). [ACTION – JD]

Half-time drinks  We will explore ways to target fans in the near corner of the stadium.  This may include setting up ordering by phone. [ACTION – JD]

Honours boards   £1200 was agreed for three boards – Hall of Fame, Player and Young Player of the Year, Top Scorer of the Year.  [ACTION – JD boards, MA top scorers list]

A pillar could be used to display but we need other ideas [ACTION – ALL]

Membership ‘cards’   A contract with Sport80 had been signed.  Although members will be encouraged to use the virtual card issued by the system, physical cards can also be printed on paper which could be then be enclosed in a plastic cover [ACTION – JD, KW].  Before the system is up and running, last year’s cards would be used.


  1. ‘Atyeo Book’

It was agreed to produce a book, working title ‘Atyeo and his Times at Ashton Gate’ with contents:

  1. Brief story of Atyeo’s career – looking for new angles
  2. Story of production of the statue
  3. Memories of persons named and of others in their family
  4. Memories of third parties such as players, other fans and some journalists

We should check we can get the book printed free as previously arranged with David Lane.  The idea of a DVD alternative was not supported. [ACTION – MA]


  1. Walter Tull – possible plaque

Walter Tull was the first black outfield player in the Football League and the first black commissioned officer in the British Army.  There is an oft-repeated story of him being racially barracked when he played at Ashton Gate for Spurs on 2nd October 1909.  Tull100 has been set up to commemorate 100 years since his death on The Somme in WW1.  We have been contacted indirectly by them to erect a commemorative plaque at Ashton Gate.  It was agreed to investigate the facts to inform a decision. [ACTION – MA]


  1. Club Liaison

Matt Parsons reported that BCFC had produced an Away Fans Guide, which had been sent to all SLOs.

There would be no travel restrictions for the away game at Swansea.

Dave Barton would be invited to our next meeting. [ACTION – MA]

The EFL have ruled that every club must now hold midweek matches on both Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

The Upper Lansdown was being converted to a BCFC-only area with special activities each fixture.

Free fruit is on offer each game.  One suggestion was a colouring table with pics of Scrumpy.

‘Good Behaviour’ signs are prominent and a way to text control room to report bad behaviour is planned.


  1. Safe standing

Shrewsbury Town are currently installing their safe standing area.


  1. Financial matters

Cash at bank £91,942, including restricted and committed funds.  Invoiced costs for legal case £4,327


  1. Matchday programme

MA reported – the price has risen from £3 to £3.50.  Caroline Herbert, Group Head of Commercial, is keen on maintaining and improving the programme.  Jon Lansdown has ideas currently being implemented to augment the programme online.


  1. Next meeting – Wednesday 5 September 2018


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