Minutes – April 2014

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Thursday 10 April 2014




1.  Notts County brought forward 24 hours

A statement was agreed and tweeted from the meeting.


2.  End-of-season Awards, Hall of Fame and BCFC Dinner

BCFC had decided on a pre-season dinner on Monday 4 August.

We agreed to present the awards on the pitch before the last home match and to apply to the Club to ‘represent’ them in the Supporters Bar in a half-hour session post match.

[This was overtaken by events; the matter of how fans can meet players was to be discussed at the meeting with DH & KD on Thursday].

A definite decision was needed urgently so that the necessary arrangements can be made along with publicity.


3.  Current communication with Football Club

Stu & Miles are meeting DH & KD on Thursday 17 April; up for discussion:

a)  Banning policy – agreed strategy

b)  Ashton Gate Ltd board representation – agreed strategy including a BCSCT cabinet of six

c)  Re-development transition arrangements

Problem that what was thought to be agreed at the Wedlock consultation had subsequently altered.  The point was made that this is what happens with consultation but there are several outstanding issues affecting the viability of the relocation:

At the consultation meeting all the EF area was to be unreserved but now it is only E

Upper F block needs to be standing and unreserved

d)  Protecting Football Club name and colours – Jon’s solicitor was looking at the draft

e)  Ashton Gate as an Asset of Community Value – agreed strategy


4.  Fans Parliament renamed as Fans Advisory Network

The renaming was agreed along with other amendments to the constitution.  The revised constitution has been circulated to all representatives.  It makes FAN a consultative and not decision-making body.  Members are representatives not delegates.  There is a big move to publicise the representatives so that they can meet the fans they are representing.


5.  Finalising accounts for audit and date for AGM

Let us hope the matter is solved at the meeting with our auditor on Thursday 17 April


6.  Website overhaul

Jon to be asked what progress has been made


7.  Atyeo Statue Fund re-launch

A relaunch was agreed.  We are to form a special group to direct this and to publicise it.

We need to establish with the Club our roles and move forward together, not least agree who is responsible for contacting the artists.

Artists need contacting now to put present their ideas.

We will ask the Club to work with them to identify the position for the statue and then update their published graphics accordingly.


8.  Fans survey – draft circulated


  1. 9.    AOB – Shirt Sponsorship

Event for sponsors to meet players is Tuesday 29 April, 6.30 – 8.00 in the board room at Ashton Gate.

We are allowed four spaces per sponsored player so eight in total, four of which we traditionally reserve for boys.  We wish to request more spaces as we have sponsored shirts over very many seasons.

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