Minutes October 2017

Monthly Meeting, The Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 4th October 2017, 7.30pm

Minutes draft



Board – Stuart Rogers SR (chair), Miles Hendy MH, Mike Adams MA (minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD, James Nicholls JN

Members – John Croker, Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR

The Club – Adam Baker AB BCFC, Mark Kelly MK AGL

Police Liaison – Julie Hayward JH A&S, Dave Walker DW A&S

Apologies – Terry Hamlin TH, Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW


  1. Supporters Bar including official opening
  2. a) The opening was rearranged for the Forest game on 16th December [action – MA to contact Marina Dolman and John Galley who is due to attend the match; MA/JD to email members]
  3. b) The opportunities for half-time drinks and now ‘2 for 1’ draught drinks for one hour post-match need publicising, one way being table menu-type advertising cards [action MA/JD]
  4. c) memorabilia need putting up. JD had circulated a mock-up. Sean Takle was investigation a possible ‘Street Art’ panel eg 8’ x 4’. Peter Wood had also offered a large print from his Highbury 1976 transparency. [action – JD to contact AGL staff]


  1. Legal and Police updates
  2. a) The reply deadline for West Midlands Police had been put back to 27 October.
  3. b) Following disorder away from Ashton Gate on the day of the Millwall game, one fan was due to appear in court for whom the police will seek a third banning order.
  4. c) Fans had been infiltrating the S82 area of the ground; this problem is being tackled.


  1. Accounts, AGM and elections
  2. a) The AGM is on 2 December [action – SR to obtain up-to-date list of paid-up members and prepare AGM documents, MA to make a first distribution by email and by post as necessary]. There are 12 spaces available on the board, 11 are currently filled. All current members are willing to stand again.
  3. b) The board voted unanimously to propose a motion at the AGM to change from full audits of accounts to independent examinations [action – SR to draft]. The motion will be included with any other motions in a second distribution with chairman’s report and election material if applicable.


  1. Q&A session with Steve Lansdown

The QPR game on 23 December is now a possibility but a venue has yet to be found [action – SR].  If unsuccessful a suitable game will be chosen in the new year eg Burton.


  1. Other Trusts’ membership fees and conditions
  • MA had distributed two clubs to each member for them to research.
  • DR – Reading – members get a megastore discount, away travel benefits and 20 loyalty points.
  • WR – Birmingham City – three types of membership (a) £5 per annum (pa) of which £1 goes for a share in the club discounted to £20 for five years (b) U16 free (c) non-paying with no voting rights.
  • JD – Ipswich – £5 pa of which £1 goes for a share, U18 section
  • JD – Norwich – £12 pa – part towards share ownership
  • MH – Sheffield Utd – 20 branches around the country whose main activities are to come together to watch matches on TV and organise joint travel to matches. Groups in Cheltenham, Sweden, Norway and London.
  • MH – Leeds Utd – meet fortnightly, £10 pa, two free U18 accompany every ticket, buffet lunch at AGM where this year’s talk was by Alan Clarke, photos of board members are used.
  • MA – Aston Villa – individuals or companies can be members, £5pa or £35 for 10 years, £75 for life. There are also associate and free non-voting membership categories.

A household membership is £7.50 pa, £50 for 10 years or £100 for life.

There is a list of commercial discounts and many other incentives, too many to list here.

  • BCSCT – currently £12 pa Red, £30 pa bar membership, £60 pa voluntary additional funding.

There is clearly scope for BCSCT to pick up some useful ideas.

[actions – MA to put on next agenda plus an update of membership changes – MA/JD bimonthly PoY-type vote – MA regional groups]


  1. AOB
  2. a) Coaches to Sunderland appear to be disproportionately expensive – AB answered that extra drivers are necessary. The question arose about CATS running at a profit – AB said it breaks even [action – AB to bring CATS figures to next meeting]
  3. b) There are no LGBT banners at Ashton Gate – AB answered that the Club supports all relevant campaigns and prints appropriate literature in other languages eg Polish.


7. Next meeting – Wednesday 1st November – FansBet on agenda and Norwegian fans visi

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