Minutes September 2017

Monthly Meeting, The Supporters Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 6th September 2017, 7.30pm

Minutes – draft


Present  Board Miles Hendy MH (chair), Mike Adams MA (Minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD,

Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW

Members  John Croker, Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR, Sean Takle ST

The Club  Adam Baker AB BCFC

Police Liaison Julie Hayward JH A&S, Dave Walker DW A&S

Apologies Terry Hamlin TH, Mark Kelly MK AGL, James Nicholls JN, Stuart Rogers SR


  1. Supporters Bar including official opening – arrangement of memorabilia following the formal meeting

a)  Peter Wood has a never before published an image of “the” Arsenal game at Highbury but he is willing to supply one in any size and format.  One suggested position is on the end wall next to the TV.

b)  The bar is being well used and there have been many new sign-ups.  We need to publicise the facility for half-time drinks. [action – JD to acquire card holders for tables, MA to produce cards detailing the service]. A half-time membership for £5 – £10 was mooted.

  1. c) Friday 13 October will be the official opening with 21 October fall-back date. [action – MA to contact Marina Dolman]


  1. Legal and Police updates

a)  West Midlands Police have yet to respond to our solicitor’s questions and re-state their position. PC Hayward has spoken recently with the solicitor and been helpful with the case. The deadline for proceedings has gone back from 30 September to 27 October to allow us time to review any information to be provided by WMP.

b)  The police find Flag Day tricky as it is on the first day of the season.

c)  A number of flares had been set off at matches; two arrests had been made at the Birmingham game.  BCFC had received two warnings from the EFL and will issue a statement about one victim of the flares.

d) There were some pre-match and more post-match skirmishes at the Millwall game. A person, with previous history, was identified and was due to appear in Court the following Monday.

e) The Cardiff game being played on Friday was due to TV demands; Bristol CC is the licence authority.

The meeting asked that SAG appoint a supporters representative. [action DW]


  1. Atyeo Statue miniatures

MA explained that in order to draw a line under the issue, Tom Murphy had agreed to let the miniatures be sold for the cost of production.  Glass/Perspex cabinets will be bought to accommodate the statue and bust on the wall behind the bar. [action JD]


  1. Re-positioning the Ashton Gate 8 plaque

It can go on the longer wall near the clock. Some repair work needs to be done [action MH]


  1. Q&A sessions with Steve Lansdown

The Ipswich date has been cancelled for a variety of reasons so the next option is 9 December at Sheffield United. [action JH to investigate a suitable venue]


  1. Members surgery items from OTIB

a Shirt Sponsorship “ this is now very expensive, being aimed at larger businesses.  [action  AB to go back to BCFC to investigate cheaper packages for individual supporters]

  1. b) Availability of away tickets on the day  AB answered that every club is different.


  1. Our membership fees and membership conditions

MA said we should review what members get for their money.  [action – MA to investigate via Supporters Direct initially with a view to all subsequently investigating two clubs each]


  1. Accounts update and AGM date

AGM date is still 2 December before Boro game [action SR find process for running an election]

The accounts telephone call today was cancelled but will be re-scheduled to keep momentum.

The AGM and elections will be the focus of our October meeting.


  1. Storage of flags (AOB)

ST had found the current room unlocked.MK [action] is looking for a suitable space.


  1. Next Meeting  Wednesday 4 October 2017

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