Minutes – September 2016

Wednesday 7th September 2016, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun




Board                                      Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams (minutes), Jon Darch, Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, James Nicholls, Jon Watts, Trina Watts

Members                                 John Croker, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Bristol Sport                           Adam Baker, Mark Kelly

Police Liaison Officers           Julie Hayward, Dave Walker


  1. Minutes

These were accepted as correct.


  1. EFL’s “Whole Game Solution”

Jon Darch felt that the proposals favoured the Premier League and questioned the action taken by the Football Club.  Adam replied that they had considered the matter and decided there was nothing tangible to comment on at present.  The Clubs were due to meet on 22 September.  They expect a consultation with supporters will arise sometime in October-December and then firm proposals to be circulated in early 2017.


  1. FAN report

The minutes had been published and Mike highlighted selected items – security stewarding will be organised in-house following the Derby game; Andrew Billingham agreed to sell match tickets in the shop and is due to report back next meeting: supporters will be invited to send in their ideas for next season’s kit; the Club’s leader on the ‘EFL Whole Game Solution’ is Mark Ashton as it is a football matter.


  1. BCSCT and Atyeo Supporters Bars

The current room is small, we need control of what is showing on TV and be able to order cider.  Mark Kelly said the current takings £600-700 are satisfactory and that he is keen to see both bars up and running but they are unlikely to be ready for use this season.  The proposed written agreement needs to be discussed again with Martin Griffiths. [action – Jon and Mark]


  1. Naming of the South Stand – restoration of Wedlock name

Mike was hoping to survey the views of our members on this but it was felt premature to do so.


  1. Current issues at Ashton Gate

Julie gave an update.  The segregation lines in the Atyeo stand were good.  There had been some disorder at the Villa game with three arrests, two being charged.  At the Burton game there were some small incidents but the Club supporters were praised for clearing the street afterwards.

There will be problems for the Cardiff way game on Friday 14 October because there will be no trains and coach transport will impact the numbers.  Bristol Rugby have a home match that evening, meaning no parking at Ashton Gate.  There will be a ticket-collection point for the coaches.


  1. Atyeo Statue – position, plinth, name plaque design and unveiling

A position in the Winterstoke Road entrance, pedestrian walkway in front of the Sports Bar, has been agreed with BSL staff.  The matter is now in the hands of higher management and SAG.  We have set a latest desirable date – 22 October.
8.  Atyeo Commemorative Book

Mike had spoken to editor David Lane and the possibility of production in time for the Christmas trade this year was thought impracticable.  His idea is to produce around 20 articles of 750 50 1,500 words each.  Mike had publicised the book in the matchday programme and received four contributions so far.  A proper launch for articles is required, which would best follow the unveiling of the Atyeo Statue, after which we anticipate interest will be heightened.  We will enquire about an e-book [action – Mike].


  1. Survey of members

Mike put forward several subjects but these were not taken up.


  1. Legal case

Our lawyer James Woodall attended and explained there were two complaints – false imprisonment and restriction of liberty.  The time period of one year in which to lodge proceeding was due to end that week.  The delay had been caused by the West Midland Police.  They had received a letter in January but only just replied.  Four cases were in process and we needed to confirm the other six by Friday 2pm. [action – Stu and James W]

Motion – proposer Jon Darch, seconder Mike Adams – that we support financially 10-15 cases at £100 each was agreed nem con.


  1. Accounts update & AGM arrangements

We have a new auditor, Richard Maule, who wants to meet some of our members to gain an understanding of our society.  Accounts for 2013 and 2014 are complete and those for 2015 75% complete.  Seventy new members have signed on to OTIB.  A financial reconciliation is now made monthly.  Cash transactions are still a problem and we will discourage this form of payment.  Our PO Box in Kent Street, Bedminster is up and running.


  1. Football Club Liaison – proposal from Mike – this was left to the next meeting.


  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday 5th October.

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