Minutes – September 2014

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Thursday 4 September 2014


Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust

Monthly Meeting

Thursday 4 September 2014, Bar BS3, 8pm




Present: Board – Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams(minutes), Jon Darch, Marie Day; Members – Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Jon Watts, Trina Watts, Sean Takle. Apologies: James Nicholls


  1. Email to contacts To go out Monday containing: Hall of Fame, Atyeo Statue images (see below), Q&A with the Lansdowns 20 December etc [action Mike & Jon] 2. Meeting with John Pelling, Andrew Billingham and Martin Griffiths A summary will be produced for the website &/or email to contacts.[action – Miles] 3. Hall of Fame Due to limited room capacity, tickets will not be sold but BCSCT membership encouraged.

Paul Cheesley will be asked to MC and Jack Boxley & Alec Eisentrager re: the stairs [action – Mike] 4. Supporters Bar January onwards Re-suggest Harry’s Bar as we can now fill it and there will be no loss of revenue through under use. If we could publicise use of Harry’s Bar as a benefit of membership, we would be very likely to reach capacity. We are already recruiting well.  [action – contact Pete Smith – Stu]

Martin Griffiths will visit the Bar on 1st November to explain the relation between Bristol Sport & BCFC. 5. Update on current projects & recent meetings

Stuart and Miles met with Andy Billingham, Martin Griffiths and John Pelling [action – Miles to produce summary to go on revamped website]

Atyeo Statue

A position in front of the Wedlock Entrance is the view of supporters. Fans will be asked to send in their favourite image to guide the sculptor – deadline 30 September. [action – Mike, Jon in next newsletter]

We will approach previous sculptor contacts, other local sculptors, Supporters Direct and those connected with the Stanley Matthews statue at the Britannia Stadium (there were three sculptors). [action – Mike]

Ashton Gate as an “Asset of Community Value”

After temporary withdrawal, the application was about to be re-submitted [action – Stu]

Football Club home colours and name

A ruling at a governmental or football authority level is probably necessary [action – Stu to keep tabs on]

Banning policy & procedure

This matter will be given a new push [action – Stu]

“Bring back the Robin”

Andy Billingham said badges are BCFC assets. The matter is not a priority at present.

Images around the new Ashton Gate Some present were uncomfortable with the inclusion of images of individuals other than those directly associated with Bristol City. The question arose – if they were to be of stars from all Bristol sports, would they possibly include Bristol Rovers players? [action – Stu]

We will set up a working party of interested fans including the official historian to discuss images to use around the new Ashton Gate. [action – Mike]

  1. Accounts and audit

2012 accounts ready are done and will be picked up next week for signing off. The treasury team [action] will now set about the 2013 accounts.

  1. Membership

The database needs a thorough overhaul [Jon D, Marie & Mike]

  1. Website

More opinions are needed; the new site will be launched at the end of the month. [action – Jon D]

  1. Q&A at Crewe on 20 December

Steve and Jon Lansdown will be attending; Martin Bees [action] to check the pub.

  1. Next meeting

Wednesday 1st October. NB the first Wednesday following is the 5th November.

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