Minutes – October 2016

Wednesday 5th October 2016, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun




Board                                      Miles Hendy (chair), Mike Adams (mins), Jon Darch, Marie Day, James Nicholls, Jon Watts, Trina Watts

Members                                 John Croker, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Bristol Sport                           Adam Baker, Mark Kelly

Police Liaison Officers           Julie Hayward, Dave Walker

Auditor                                   Richard Maule

Apologies                                Stuart Rogers, Terry Hamlin, Diane Rowland


  1. Minutes These were accepted as a true record.


  1. Supporters bars

There were 70 members present at 2pm on the last count.  There is normally pressure for space and especially for seating.  Mark Kelly reported that bar takings were satisfactory.

ACTION MK   Potential adjoining space to current Bar will be investigated on a matchday.

ACTION JD/MK Next meeting to progress both new supporters bars is 3rd November.


  1. Atyeo Statue – position, plinth, name plaque design and unveiling

Mike outlined the current state of affairs.

ACTION MA    Unveiling date to be confirmed asap – 22/10 or latest desirable, 5/11.

ACTION MA    Sales of miniatures – Luke in the shop to be contacted directly.

ACTION JD     Plaque design – JD circulated quotes from three potential suppliers, which he will follow up.

ACTION JD     List of plaque names to be circulated for checking.


  1. Atyeo Commemorative Book

Mike outlined the progress to-date.  Some contributions had been received.  He expected the project to lift off after the unveiling of the Atyeo Statue.


  1. Newsletters

Mike said that recent contact with members had reinforced his belief that we should send out regular newsletters.  Once a month if possible and if there is genuine news was agreed.  Sean added that our news bulletins through the website and social media need to be joined up.

ACTION MA/JD Next newsletter to be issued this weekend or asap containing:

FSF Whole Game Solution – link

Statue – checklist by surnames f those who ordered plaques
Statue – unveiling date

Book – appeal for stories


  1. Legal case

The cases were commenced on 10th September for which £1,000 had been paid to the lawyer.  Fourteen cases have been drawn up of which two are eligible for legal aid.

ACTION MH/AB Press release as soon as result is known.

ACTION SR    Lawyer to call a meeting, if Police make an offer to settle out of court, to explain to the plaintiffs their options in either accepting or in refusing and going to court.


  1. Accounts update & AGM arrangements

The new auditor Richard Maule attended our meeting and said that the accounts are on schedule to be audited in the next month, the cost being around £1,200.  Once accounts are audited up to 2015/16, an AGM will be called at an opportune time this season and a motion will be moved to change our constitution removing the need for a full audit.


  1. Football Club Liaison

Mike put forward the case for BCSCT to organise the appointment by supporters’ ballot of a Supporters Liaison Officer.  That person would then liaise with Rachel Lemar (ticketing) and Adam Baker (all but ticketing) – the officers appointed by BSL as their own SLOs.  It was decided that BCSCT would provide a service for supporters at home matches when our new area is up and running, likely to be next season.


  1. Jacqui Forster – proposal for donation

ACTION JN    The time for donations had expired; a card would be sent via Richard Keracher.


  1. AOB
  2. a) BCFC Website 2017 onwards

Adam said that a working group had been set up selected from the supporters who had volunteered.  It was unbalanced in that there was only one female member.

ACTION AB/MD        Marie agreed to go on the working group.


  1. b) Stadium screen in Atyeo/Dolman corner

Adam advised that the sight line of some of the positions at the Dolman end of the Atyeo stand would be compromised.

ACTION AB  BSL will be consulting with the supporters affected.


  1. Next agenda

To include as item No1 “Members surgery” an opportunity for members to raise any issue either sent in or in person.

ACTION MA    Agenda to be circulated widely including OTIB on Friday before meeting.


  1. Next meeting

Wednesday 2nd November.

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