Minutes – October 2014

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Wednesday 1st October 2014

Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 1st October 2014, Bar BS3, 7.30pm




  1. Present

Board – Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams (minutes), Martin Bees, Jon Darch, Terry Hamlin

Members – Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Apologies: Marie Day, Jon Watts, Trina Watts


  1. Stadium consultation

Atyeo Statue    We need to provide Bristol Sport with a specification – size, material, plinth, maintenance [action – Miles]. Images of Atyeo to be collated [action – Miles, Sean]. Sculptors to be contacted, one suggestion being Les Johnson who made the Brian Clough statue. [action – Mike]

Permanent position of BCSCT   Our preferred position is in South Stand area [action – Stu]


  1. Supporters Bar arrangements

There is still no satisfactory suggestion for our position from January 2015 for rest of season. We need to keep pressure on AGL and Pete Smith [action – Stu]. It will be helpful to know from which stands current attendees come from. [action – Martin after 11th October]


  1. Hall of Fame 11 October

There were approximately 100 in the Bar last game. We have recruited 30-40 new members. We hope to be able to arrive at midday. [actions – Mike – slides and intros (with Jon), liaison with BCFC & players; Miles – acquire music and embed sound clips in slides; Martin, Diane & Wendy – raffle prizes


  1. Fans Poll

Theme – what would make fans arrive earlier? We think prices are the major factor. The questions will be created asap. Bristol City beakers @ £1 deposit were suggested. [action – Stu]


  1. Fans Advisory Network 20 November

We have four items to submit: [action – Mike]

  1. a) Effectiveness in contacting fans – co-ordinator?
  2. b) Frequency of meetings – too far apart
  3. c) Atyeo project
  4. d) Fans Poll items


  1. Accounts and audit

2012 done but not yet released, 2013 to do [action – Stu, Luke, James]


  1. Membership

CRM to be updated initially in terms of whether members are paid-up [action – Marie, Jon D]


  1. Programme club

Publisher to be asked to supply monthly invoice; new away programmes collector to be paid in three tranches in advance [action – Mike, James]


  1. Meeting dates agreed

First Wednesdays are 5th November, 3rd December and 7th January (2015) [note – all]


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