Minutes – November 2014

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Wednesday 5th November 2014


Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 5th November 2014, The Rising Sun, 7.30pm


Minutes        [actions in brackets]


  1. Present

Board – Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams (minutes), Martin Bees, Jon Darch, Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, James Nicholls, Mark Tovey, Jon Watts, Trina Watts; Members – David Lloyd, Sean Takle; Bristol Sport – Martin Griffiths (MG)


Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland


  1. Supporters Bar arrangements

We welcomed Martin Griffiths and David Lloyd. BCSCT may stay in the present Supporters Bar until 12th January 2015. The move is necessary because of electrical plant and to install am additional turnstile to release seats. Attendance at the last home game was 119 – Atyeo 19, Dolman 53 and Williams 47.

This season after 12th January – arrangements are yet to be made. MG offered the following:


2015/16 season – mezzanine room in Wedlock block, reached by single stairs, containing toilets, area 137 square metres. Drinks would need to be served from the bar beneath.


2016/17 onwards as permanent position – Community Corner, on second floor, 135 square metres, overlooking pitch, two meeting rooms converted to one on matchdays with bar and terrace overlooking the pitch which would have to be vacated 15 minutes before kick-off.

Asked if there could be a danger of BCSCT being thrown out of the proposed room above the Community Trust if it was felt that greater revenue could be generated from that facility through corporate hospitality, MG replied, ‘That is not a corporate space, it’s the community corner.’ MG also reassured the meeting by saying ‘I’m not expecting any rent.’

[Stu] to maintain his efforts to reach satisfactory arrangements for BCSCT after 12th January.


Stadium naming rights

Asked if the stadium would always be called Ashton Gate or whether naming rights might be sold to a sponsor, MG replied, ‘It will always be called Ashton Gate.’


Stadium images

Two main issues would shortly be resolved – rail seating for 2016/17 and supporting columns for the Dolman Stand. The roof needs supporting for 10 days while two cross struts are installed. MG agreed to acquire internal views of the stadium as promised at the consultative meeting; they were due to be delivered the following day.



All catering will be in-house from next season; a manager is to be appointed in February.


Sport Museum

Pete Smith is the ‘curator’ and has already amassed a lot of memorabilia. We were advised to contact him about imagery and Club memorabilia. [Mike, Stu et al]


  1. Programmes base & sales

Mike outlined the position of programme sales at Ashton Gate. All programmes were now sold in the open from the portable stands following the demolition of the kiosk at the Winterstoke Road entrance. All sellers were keen to be inside the stadium next season. They look forward to a permanent position in the future, whereby we could return to having a programme shop – either part of the main shop or separately.

[Mike] to liaise with MG, who is to go back to the planning group about this matter.


  1. Bristol Sport’s ‘Forever Bristol & City 7s’ membership scheme

A major missing element is recording and utilising loyalty of fans attending matches especially away. MG said the current ticketing system could not operate a loyalty scheme but the new one would.

The new membership scheme will pay off in a time scale of about a decade as City 7s members convert to junior then adult season ticket holders. Stoke City has a similar system and 42% have so converted. Norwich City had a similar system in Division 2. There are 35 primary schools in our scheme now; the plan is to involve all 128 next season. The Club is looking to capture 2.5 million people in the region.


  1. Fans Poll

Over 2,000 fans had responded to the 10 questions, contributing 8000 additional comments. Stu [action] to circulate results, Mike to forward to FAN for discussion, Jon to email to contacts.


  1. Atyeo Statue & Book

Terry Hamlin brought three images of Atyeo:

A arms raised after scoring

B walking out carrying ball for his last league game

C action shot

The first two were accepted as very good candidates. A search will be made for a third so that three images can be circulated for fans to vote for their choice. In the meantime, we will search for likely sculptors. Mike [action] would circulate a number of images by Friday. Fans poll to be organised to select the image to go to prospective sculptors. [Sean & Miles, description of alternatives; Jon D, newsletter] Tom Hopegood and David Woods to be contacted [Mark & Mike]


  1. Q&A at Crewe, 20th December, Royal Hotel, 1pm

Stu had supplied notes; Steve Lansdown and John Pelling are scheduled to attend. Martin & Stu [action] are to complete arrangements and inform Jon D for the newsletter.


  1. Hall of Fame – debrief and future plans

Mike and Mark were thanked for running the event despite the difficulties which arose.


  1. Fans Advisory Network

We had items for next FAN meeting from our October meeting. In addition, Mark suggested that Club kit for 2015/16 should be a replica of the kit from 1975/76, in order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our promotion to the old First Division. In marketing this kit, pictures of the heroes of ’76 could feature. It was agreed to forward this as a suggestion to FAN. [action – Mike]


  1. Accounts and audit

Accounts for year ending 2012 are expected to be released next week. The 2013/14 year ended on 31st October so there are two years accounts to be completed in order to be able to hold an AGM. [Stu, James T, James N & Luke] A stock-take for those years will be taken soon. [all]


  1. BCSCT Membership

Recent Supporters Bar members are to be added to the CRM [Trina & Jon W, Marie, Jon]

The membership status of all 189 paid-up members has been checked as showing ‘Y’ on the CRM.

Lapsed members will be emailed, though many email addresses are no longer valid.

In the recent fans poll, 579 contacts were added to the CRM to bring the total up to 8,200.

The OTIB database is around 12,000.

We will request that the next season ticket renewal will contain a tick-box invitation to join BCSCT. [action – Mike]


  1. Player sponsorship

We have traditionally been contacted before each season with a selection of players we could sponsor but this did not happen this season. The meeting decided to leave sponsorship for this season.


  1. Oskar Pycroft collection

Helpers are welcome and should meet outside the shop at 1:00pm.


  1. Next meetings (normally first Wednesdays)

Thursday 4th December following the stadium consultation at Ashton Gate, which starts at 7:00pm

Wednesday 7th January 2015 at 7:30pm


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