Minutes May 2017

Monthly Meeting, The Rising Sun, 21 Ashton Rd, Bristol BS3 2EA

Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 7.30pm

Minutes draft


Present Board  Stuart Rogers (SR, chair), Miles Hendy MH, Mike Adams MA, Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD,

Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW

Members Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR, Sean Takle ST

Bristol Sport  Adam Baker ABr, Mark Kelly MK

Police Liaison  Julie Hayward JH, Dave Walker DW

Apologies  James Nicholls JN


1.  Apologies, minutes and matters arising

The minutes were accepted as correct.


2.  PoY awards and Hall of Fame after Birmingham match

MA said that five of the new HoF members were due to attend and two current HoF members.

The Champagne Moments will be shown on the big screens pre-match and at half time.

David Lloyd is hosting the awards, which are scheduled to start at 2.45pm on the stage in the car park erected for the Wurzels concert, which is scheduled for 3.15 to 4.15pm.


3.  Supporters bars

MK said that the Club, AGL and BSL, had looked at the proposed agreement .  Their view is based on the commercial value of the premises.  Accordingly the Club is willing to spend £100,000 on a refit in return for a substantial investment from BCSCT. As this proposal was only received minutes before the meeting, BCSCT need further time to consider this and make any suitable counter proposal [action  JD et al].  A market assessor to set a rent and 10 years ownership were mentioned.  Hand-over should be second or third week in July.  Sponsorship is an idea.


4.  Atyeo Statue

The final set of name plaques is scheduled to be fixed on the plinth on Friday.


5.  Legal and Police updates

a)  West Midland Police have replied; they now require proof of presence at the event in question from each of the 14 plaintiffs.  They are also due to provide further redacted evidence in support of them denying liability at this stage.


6. Members surgery is the Club still interested in Safe Standing?

ABr replied that there is no change in the Clubs policy; safe standing will be installed when it becomes legally possible to do so. The Club had been asked to issue a press release but high management had refused on the basis it would just be reiterating existing policy. ABr added that the singing section is sold out for next season and that 95% season card holders had renewed compared with the same time last year.

BCSCT was asked to contact fans on this matter to confirm current opinion [action BCSCT].


7. Accounts update

The year 2015 is now in the final stages of audit.


8.  EFL fans meeting at Ashton Gate

This was the 4th or 5th such meeting, in our case covering clubs in the South-West.  There were about 30 present.  It was an interesting evening and the feeling was that it would be very useful for the mass of fans to be aware of the issues raised; the EFL should try hard to reach those fans. Time could be allotted in Sky broadcasts.


9.  Liaison ambassador to Football Club

MA said that our agenda items re ‘the Club’ are almost entirely with BSL – ticketing, season cards, catering etc and that we have neglected contact with the Football Club – and vice-versa.  Following Mark Ashton’s approach to us at the height of the results crisis there has been no follow-up.  MA thought that BCSCT needs a dedicated person to liaise with BCFC. The meeting declined to take up the suggestion.  MK [action] agreed to provide an update on the changing corporate structure at the next meeting.


10.  Next Meeting  Wednesday 7th June

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