Minutes – May 2014

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Thursday 8 May 2014

Present: Board – Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams (minutes), Marie Day, Terry Hamlin

Members – Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Apologies: Jon Darch, James Nicholls, Jon Watts, Trina Watts


1.  Meeting with AGL officers

a) AGL’s meeting with Bristol City Council  The meeting went well.  We are still disappointed that AG plans are not yet being released.  Safe Standing proposal has to go to safety Standards Board.                      

b) Fans representation on AGL Board  We set up a ‘shadow cabinet’ – Marie and Mike put their names forward and Stu asked others wishing to serve to contact him.

c) Flags and other ‘match equipment’  We need storage space during the redevelopment.

d) Supporters Bar  We will offer to run both levels at the end of the Dolman Concourse.  The staircase would need reinstatement and we would like sound and video equipment to conduct meetings.

e) Surveys/Polls  We will consider regular polls on current and other important issues.

f) Shirt sponsorship next season  A mock-up only of next season’s was seen at the meeting.  We sponsored Bobby Reid and JET 2013/14 – Bobby has said thanks for sponsorship and JET has agreed to visit a school for a formal presentation.

g) Golden Boot award  In the absence of a league award, we agreed to raise funds for our own golden boot for Sam Baldock – time and place of presentation to be decided.


2.  BCFC Pre-season dinner & Hall of Fame

BCFC’s pre-season event on Monday 4 August is now priced £54, which will be prohibitive for many supporters.  We will investigate suitable venues for our own event.  Provisionally, we will plan a pre-Saturday match event in September/October from 12.30 to 2pm.  Two suggested venues were St Francis Church Hall [action – Mike] and Tobacco Factory [action – Miles] – reports on both at our next meeting.


3.  Atyeo Statue Fund re-launch

Approximately £60,000 is currently available.  We will call for action photos of Atyeo to act as initial ideas for the statue.  Supporters at other Clubs will be consulted on the best way forward.  The campaign will begin with a press release [action – Miles].


4.  Fans Advisory network (FAN)

The change from the fans parliament has been agreed.  Members are being asked to supply photos and write 50 words for the BCFC website.  Members are being asked to make regular contact with those they represent.  There were divided views on how FAN was working.


5.  BCSCT accounts

The accounts for 2012/13 have been handed in.


6.  BCSCT Website

The site has been created but is not yet live.  It looks functional, is easy to learn and to update.  There is a cost implication for every new page.


7.  Fans survey

Version edited at the last meeting needs to go to survey monkey and be distributed.  The club may not want to circulate in current form or before new appointments in place, so we could do it ourselves.


8.  Next meeting

Our next meeting is on Thursday 12 June 2014 at Bar BS3.  Following recent communication problems, it was agreed to invite Steve Cotterill to our next meeting [action – Stu].

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