Minutes – March 2016

Wednesday 2 March 2016, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun




Board                      Stuart Rogers (chair), Mike Adams (minutes), Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, James Nicholls, Jon Watts, Trina Watts

Members                 John Croker, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Apologies                Martin Bees, Jon Darch, Julie Hayward, Miles Hendy,


  1. Apologies, minutes and matters arising

The heading 3.  West Brom was corrected to 3. Birmingham


  1. Accounts

James gave details of our bank accounts.  Accounts for 20012/13 and 2013/14 have been sent to our auditor John Fitzgerald.  Year 2014/15 needs some work with membership payments.  It was agreed to hold our AGM in October.  We expect to have a PO Box by next meeting.


  1. Fans Advisory Network

The next FAN meeting was next week – an additional meeting to receive feedback from the Club following their meeting with Section 82.  A new item will be SLO – held over from the previous meeting.


  1. Atyeo bar proposal 2016/17 onwards

The Club’s discussions with the Section 82 group have been in progress.  After the bar has been furbished by volunteers, a lease will need to be drawn up.  A throughway between the Atyeo and Dolman Concourse is vital.  BCSCT is providing funds for this project but it was also agreed  to hold back a ring-fenced amount in preparation for ‘a rainy day.’  At our AGM in October, members will be asked to agree a degree of flexibility in our funds to be used in this project.  Funds are effectively available now that BCSCT is not paying for the Atyeo Statue.


  1. BCSCT Bar 2016/17 onwards

This bar could progress quickly once it is  available for inspection and its use has been confirmed by the Club and BCSCT.  Our materials in store are to be moved to a private garage, which has been kindly offered to us.


  1. Statue & Book

Tom Murphy is on schedule.  Mike, Terry and Marie Agreed to be available to travel to Liverpool to view the statue in order for it to be signed off and go to the foundry stage.


  1. Ask the owner at Forest

This was held in the premises of Notts County FC.  Jon Darch, Trina Watts and John Cosh were present along with Chairperson Stuart Rogers.  Unfortunately it was difficult to hear without a microphone for the questioners.  Steve Lansdown answered some awkward questions diplomatically.  It was well worth organising and appreciated by the fans.  The barman thought 350 were present.  Live tweets were not allowed because comments could be taken out of context.


  1. Garland Or Me!

Mike reported the play will be staged at Ashton Gate 26-29 September and he will be putting pre-publicity in matchday programmes from now on.  Publicity will start in earnest leading up to the opening of the New Stadium and into the start of the 2016.17 season.


  1. End-of-season awards

Mike outlined a proposed calendar of dates, which he agreed to circulate.


  1. Postal address

Prices have been investigated and we expect to have set up a Postal Box by next meeting [action – Marie].  Once established all letterheads and relevant authorities will need to be updated. [action – Stu (bank, HMRC), Marie (OTIB), Jon (website, FSF), Mike (letterheads)]


  1. Robin logo

The meeting paid respects to James ‘Grizz’ Grieve, who had been killed in a road traffic accident and will pass its condolences to the family.  Mike said that our two pages in the Cardiff programme will be a tribute to Grizz, with contributions from his father Roger and his best friend James Goodge.  It was agreed to send £100 to Cancer Research in his memory – proposed by Mike, seconded by Marie [action – James].  The funeral details will be circulated.


  1. AOB


  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday 6 April

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