Minutes June 2017

Monthly Meeting, The Sports Bar, Ashton Gate, Bristol BS3 2EJ

Wednesday 7 June 2017, 7.30pm


Present  Board  Miles Hendy MH (chair), Mike Adams MA (Minutes), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day MD,

Terry Hamlin TH, James Nicholls JN, Jon Watts JW, Trina Watts TW

Members  John Croker, Sean Takle ST

The Club  Adam Baker ABr BCFC, Mark Kelly MK AGL

Police Liaison  Julie Hayward JH, Dave Walker DW

Apologies  Stuart Rogers SR, Diane Rowland DR, Wendy Rowland WR


1.  Apologies, minutes and matters arising

The minutes were accepted as a correct record.  Matters arising were included in the agenda.


2. Last day of the season debrief

The Wurzels concert had broken even with the aid of sponsorship. Some 3,500 were present at the peak and it was difficult to hear at the back.  BCSCT expressed its gratitude to the Club for the concert and facilitating the Hall of Fame and end-of-season presentations.  A similar event is possible next season.


3.  Changing corporate structure at the Football Club

MK gave a structure overview and will follow up with a formal chart to share out.


4.  Supporters bars

MK explained the reasons why our proposed return to our former Dolman Bar had proved unfeasible.  He offered the area level with the Sports Bar Mezzanine, which had previously been reserved for the Museum.  We then visited the room which has many attendant advantages a lift, nearby toilets on the same level and the room is accessible from outside the stadium through the Sports Bar.  After a discussion about its fitment and decoration, everyone present agreed to accept the room, at least for the present.  JD [action] is to draw up a proposed contract to be agreed by email and then sent to MK for negotiation.


5.  Atyeo Statue one last set of names

A trickle of supporters requesting name plaques on the statue is building up. The meeting decided not to add any further names, at least for the time being.  MA [action] is keeping a list of applicants.  The Memorial Garden will be cited as an alternative [action – MA to contact Pete Smith]


6.  AG Stadium book

MA reported continuing problems getting supporters to produce articles.  He outlined an alternative way forward in covering the history of the Supporters Clubs and in approaching personalities.  Open day will be an opportunity to make contact with supporters.


7. Safe Standing survey of fans

It was agreed to include this in a wider survey. [action JD]


8.  Legal and Police updates

  1. a) SR had emailed that our lawyer now has the redacted documents and edited CCTV.  She has instructed a barrister to review and advise us on whether we should proceed with the case based on that assessment.  It is likely that the lawyer will convene a meeting with all claimants before 19 June.  Stuart’s intention is to attend and if unavailable, will ask Miles or Jon (who are probably closest to this) to attend.
  2. b) JH reported that the away matches at Millwall and Cardiff will probably have to be bubble games.


9.  Accounts update and AGM date

The 2015 accounts are about to be signed off and those for 2016 should be done over the summer.  The aim is to be up to date by October.


10.  Next Meeting Wednesday 5 July

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