Minutes – May 2016

Wednesday 4 May 2016, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun




Board        Stuart Rogers (chair), Jon Darch, Marie Day, James Nicholls, Trina Watts, Jon Watts Terry Hamlin, Miles Hendy,

Members   Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Phil Croome, Sean Takle, David Wilson, Police Liaison Officers  Julie Hayward & Dave Walker

Apologies   Mike Adams


  1. Minutes Matters arising included further direct feedback from fans unhappy with the hidden costs attached to season card purchase


  1. Accounts

James reported that monthly conference calls between him, the Chair and Treasurer have greatly assisted with  accounts for 2012/13 and 2013/14 being ready for audit, with 2014/15 accounts in progress. Our current auditor is not renewing his licence and therefore, no longer able to assist with doing this work for us on a pro bono basis. The meeting agreed that James Nicholls and Stuart Rogers have a delegated authority to select an audit firm by way of competitive quotes and commission work up to the value of £1,000 per audit. All this with a view to bringing our affairs up to date ready for an AGM in the Autumn. Anyone with contacts, who might be able to respond to this request, should send them through to Stuart.


  1. Supporter Liaison Officer

FAN proposed a job description and for the role to be publicly advertised. Key elements are accessibility of the appointed person at home and away games, ability to articulate fans’ views and opinions to our football club and attend national forums to garner best practice. Club officials initially feel this is unworkable, however, agreed to look at it. Miles Hendy to press the point again as an agenda item at the next FAN meeting on 23 May 2016.


  1. Atyeo & Dolman Bars 2016/17 onwards

Proposed floor plans have previously been tabled and a site visit to the BCSCT Dolman bar taken place. The common approach for both bars is likely to be Bristol Sport (BS) delivering an operable and safe shell, with fans groups fitting out and decorating. A meeting with BS to take a first look at proposed costs for the BCSCT bar is being arranged for W/C 9 May 2016. Jon Darch to open negotiations with BS to secure an agreed tenure. The Dolman bar will be membership based and ideally accessible non-match days. Physical access to both bars before, during and after the match is an issue to be resolved that will also satisfy safety authorities.


  1. Statue & Book

A map indicating the proposed statue location was tabled following a meeting between Mike Adams, Stuart Rogers and Peter Smith (BS). All agreed that it would work and that potentially a circular plinth would allow for the direction the statue faces to be determined when sited. Logistically and to ensure the statue receives adequate attention when the stadium development is complete, the unveiling may be better done in September. The meeting agreed to include a plaque in memory of James Grieve. The author of the proposed book intends to spend 3 days in Bristol interviewing fans, players and any celebrities to compile the required content.


  1. Club Kit and Crest Consultation

For all the negative feedback online about the new kit, the true test will be sales. We firmly believe that the football club is missing out on valuable insight from not consulting with fans prior to manufacture. FAN will seek to re-instigate the process followed 2 seasons ago. The big kit reveal was scuppered by images of the new kit appearing online, apparently due to stolen stock in the distribution chain. The images were removed from www.otib.co.uk instantly, however, the image found its way onto other social media. Stuart Rogers and Miles Hendy met the Bristol Sport CEO in December 2015 where it was clear no changes to the badge or crest were envisioned for at least 12-18 months.  So we were surprised to see the monochrome change applied to the crest for this kit release. We will raise this with him and also the importance of fan consultation in upcoming meetings with the manager, Bristol City COO and Chief of Stadium Operations.


7.Garland Or Me!

Plans to stage this play are progressing, although we are advised that Bristol Sport are unable to sell the tickets. Mike Adams to follow up and report back.


  1. End-of-season awards

The awards were hosted in the Sports Bar. All the playing squad and manager were present. We combined with the Senior Reds, Marina Dolman and Steve Lansdown making the presentations.  Ron Walker put together a package of videos including general highlights of the season, specific clips for the ‘champagne moment’ contestants and for individual award winners. Unfortunately, this was not used. Also, the PA was inadequate, making the proceedings largely inaudible. Thanks go to Mike, Trina, Jon and Marie for ensuring our part in this was fulfilled and we will seek to get the unused video online.


  1. Postal address

The PO Box has been applied for to ensure post is received in a timely manner.


  1. AOB

The meeting noted the outcome of the Hillsborough inquest as being a momentous occasion, a verdict too long in coming, however a final vindication that fans were not to blame.


Next Meeting   Wednesday 1st June 2016

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