Minutes – June 2016

Wednesday 1st June 2016, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun




Board        Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy (vice-chair), Mike Adams (minutes), Jon Darch, Marie Day, Terry Hamlin

Members   Ben Biggs, John Cosh, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle

Police Liaison Officers  Dave Walker

Apologies   David Lloyd, James Nicholls, Trina Watts, Jon Watts


  1. Apologies James Nicholls, Trina Watts, Jon Watts


  1. Accounts update and auditor position

We have a new auditor – John Line.  His offer to complete all the outstanding accounts for £1,200 in two weeks was accepted nem con.


  1. Supporters Liaison Officer

JD outlined the present situation as agreed at the last FAN meeting.  ABm reported Kay and Rachael had been appointed by Bristol Sport to cover supporters liaison for the Club.  In the subsequent FAN discussion, it was felt that they would not experience practical matters from a fans point of view and would not be able to cope with all the work.  Help was therefore required from individuals – several names were mentioned – and from the matchday ambassadors who would become SLO team members.  A working group was set up to formulate a job specification linking with the ambassadors – Adam Baker, Kay McGinty, Rachel Lemar for BSL and Jon Darch and Marie Day for FAN were agreed with ABr to liaise with JD to arrange a suitable date.


  1. BCSCT Bar 2016/17 onwards, communication to members

Jon had met mark Kelly and suggested a deal.  Board members who are also FAN members toured the old BCSCT area after thee last FAN meeting.  It is surprising how much remains and it is a viable area especially combined with the coffee area on the ground floor.  We will press for an additional window into the Concourse [Action – Jon]

The question of communicating to members in order to get permission to redirect money originally intended for the Atyeo Statue and to be converted to shares was discussed.  MA argued that now was the right time to do this; MH thought the sum of money, amounting to £35-40,000, should be identified and ring-fenced and we should only inform members if we needed to.  The latter view prevailed.


  1. Statue location and plinth, Commemorative Book, James Grieve plaque

MA reported the latest position established at a meeting with the sculptor Tom Murphy, stadium project manager Pete Smith and Jon Lansdown.  A new position for the statue in the middle of the main pedestrian walkway was discussed and this would appear to be the preferred option.  However the Club side reasserted their wish to postpone a final decision until all the other works are completed.  This means the New Ashton Gate Stadium will open for the first match before the statue in place, which is now expected to be some time in September.  The plinth would probably be oval shaped to allow safe passage past it and probably polished concrete, akin to marble, rather than stone-clad as previously investigated.

Names of suitable personalities to unveil the statue were discussed; as a result:

TH will approach Roy Hodgson; MA suggested former Atyeo teammate Jantzen Derrick.


  1. Chairman’s Meeting with manager Lee Johnson

Lee is keen to have good relations with supporters and agreed to a meeting possibly pre-season.  We will suggest the Heineken Bar a few games into the season.  Lee is looking to improve crowd support on the pitch for players.  We will suggest a meeting involving active fans, the singing section [action Sean] and players at a venue such as The Three Lions [action – SR].


  1. Against League 3 Campaign

JD explained the broader situation:

  1. a) the football league would expand from 92 to 100 clubs
  2. b) there is an idea for a Premier A and B leagues or for Premier clubs to have B teams in the Football League
  3. c) Rangers or Celtic could join the Premier League

There are major objections from the fans’ point of view including extra mileage to matches and extra mid-week matches.  Any plan will go out to the 72 EFL clubs of which 65 will need to vote in favour for it to be passed.


  1. Garland Or Me! debrief

MA included a report on the latest negotiations for the play to be staged at Ashton Gate – see addendum to agenda.  As a result, the play organisers have abandoned heir quest and the play will now be staged at the newly-refurbished Tobacco Factory in 2017.


  1. Postal address

Details will be circulated and board members will take action to change our published postal address as agreed at previous meetings [action JN]


  1. AOB – West Midlands Police
  2. a) The April deadline for their reply has been missed. They will be contacted and if there is again no reply the case will be taken to Court.
  3. b) BCSCT area at Ashton Gate will continue in the Mezzanine level of the Sports bar for the start of 2016/17 – the matter to be on our July agenda.


  1. Next Meeting – Wednesday 6th July

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