Minutes- June 2015

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Wednesday 3rd June 2014


Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust

Monthly Meeting

Wednesday 3rd June 2015, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun





Present   Board – Stuart Rogers (chair), Miles Hendy, Mike Adams (minutes), Martin Bees, Jon Darch, Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, James

Nicholls, Trina Watts   Members – John Croker, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland, Sean Takle   Police Liaison Officers – Julie

Hayward, Dave Walker Others from Atyeo meeting – Phil Coombe, Paul Hocking, James May


  1. Apologies – Jon Watts


  1. Minutes

With amendments to items 2 & 9 the minutes were accepted nem con.


  1. Atyeo standing area

New Atyeo reps and other potential users of the Atyeo standing area met stewards and club officials at 6.30pm and five attendees were at our meeting. The Football Club’s meeting was called originally to discuss what behaviour would be tolerated and to put some processes in place. They were informed by the Club that the whole stand will be allocated seating though they would be relaxed about singers standing. This was a retreat from the Club’s previous position. Our representatives assessed that the Club had been forced into this position by the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and are hopeful that the Club may be able to make progress at the next SAG meeting. An attempt will be made to gain a supporters rep on SAG, in which case we will nominate Jon Darch.

Our aim now will be to reinstate the singing section back in the South Stand for 2015/16.

The meeting went on to describe a vision for the Atyeo as an all-home end with a supporters bar below. The away fans would then be housed in the top tier of the Williams cf Newcastle and Sunderland.


  1. Police Liaison – Julie Hayward & Dave Walker

Julie and Dave had already contributed to the Atyeo discussion. Julie described how she works with eight police officers on matchdays, travelling to every away fixture and providing intelligence to away police. They have some influence on ticket allocation.

The police will have a clear presence on OTIB and support a Q&A section. Pubs will be suggested for away matches with their postcodes.

We should ask the club if they have reviewed their fan engagement approach as promised for the end of last season. [action-Stu] There followed a short break


  1. Ashton Gate Stadium

We are not clear whether the Supporters Bar 2015/16 will be a specific room or a general area and whether access will be straightforward for all members including those in the Atyeo [action – Miles]. If the area is restricted, existing bar members will have priority. James Nicholls [action] will acquire email addresses from Trina’s list.

We will set up a system for pre-ordering drinks for half-time. [action – Stu, Jon & Trina]

The places for the Programme Club and other programme sellers needs to be identified. [action-Mike]


  1. Membership cards

Membership cards for the Bar will be continued; we will not to issue cards to the general membership.


  1. New recruitment system for use on-line including mobile devices

Jon Darch had produced a paper for a sheme (qv) which was accepted by the meeting. [action – Jon]


  1. Accounts

James [action] was asked to set and post questions so that we can complete 2013, 2014 [and at the end of this financial year, 2015] accounts simultaneously.



The club have not come back yet with any confirmation of the shares in exchange for the statue. Miles [action] was asked to pick up this matter at the re-arranged Ashton Gate Ltd board meeting.


All remaining agenda items were held over to the next meeting on Wednesday 1st July at 7.30pm

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