Minutes – January 2017

Wednesday 4th January 2017, 7.30pm, The Rising Sun




Board                      Stuart Rogers (SR, chair), Mike Adams (MA, mins), Jon Darch JD, Marie Day, Terry Hamlin, Miles Hendy, Mark Tovey

Members                 Sean Takle, Diane Rowland, Wendy Rowland

Bristol Sport           Adam Baker ABr, Mark Kelly MK

Police Liaison         Julie Hayward, Dave Walker

Apologies                James Nicholls JN, Jon Watts, Trina Watts, John Croker


The agenda order was affected by the preceding meeting of Atyeo Stand fans with Bristol Sport.


  1. Allocation of Atyeo Stand & Supporters Bars
  2. a) The fans at the preceding meeting considered a possible move to the Dolman/South corner from next season with a number of provisos and subject to BS first consulting comprehensively with other parties, not least ST holders in the area concerned. This would affect the viability of an Atyeo Supporters Bar, which was also impacted by increased requirement for storage of equipment used for upkeep of the pitch.  If the relocation took place, thought would be given to provision of a bar more nearby.  JD floated the idea of this potentially being in the ground-floor space used by the Community Trust, with the latter relocating elsewhere in years to come if appropriate space presented itself through any further development of the wider site.

The BCSCT Bar in the Dolman is likely to be available before any such Supporters Bar, possibly by August.


  1. Members Surgery

The non-availability of printed tickets from the Store was still troubling some fans. Although impacting a relatively small number of fans, it was felt important to press the point given that the people affected are likely to be the longer-standing supporters.  ABr reiterated Bristol Sport’s policy to develop its digital options in looking to the future. ABr and MK repeated that work was ongoing on sourcing an automated ticket machine for use in the store. However, at present, no such machine existed with the required functionality and interface to the club’s ticketing system. BS were discussing this with other clubs using the same system.


  1. Atyeo Statue

Phase three name strips – these were fitted in time for the last home match of the season on 17th December.

A third and final phase is planned for the spring when the surface will be painted.

Adam [Action] will discuss the practicalities of a cheque handover with Steve Lansdown.

Miniatures – the Store may not make another order.  The meeting did not support ordering a batch ourselves but it did agree to advertise taking individual orders, which hopefully would build up to a block order.


  1. Book

MA said we need a boost in advertising for articles, which had tailed off.  ABr offered to support this through the football club’s wider media channels.  Mike suggested a leafleting campaign, which was not supported.  A title was needed – one suggestion being “Ashton Gate Greats – Memorable Dates.”


  1. Matters arising
  2. a) Ashton Gate Eight Plaque [Action – all, to assess suitable places and report next meeting].
  3. b) Williams Clock in South Concourse – MK said one part is broken and the hunt is on for its replacement.
  4. c) Bristol Sport now have taken full control of the stadium from the contractors and Bristol Rugby have taken over the remaining area under the Lansdown Stand with related displays.


  1. Events in 2017

End-of-Season Awards suggestions

The awards could take place in the concourse after the final home match on Sunday 7th May.

The 40th anniversary of the Coventry 2-2 City game could be a feature of any event.

Hall of Fame

A third HoF entry could be included with the awards – a vote by decades was supported.

Open Day

This is a possible this year as the Club is now in control of the whole area.


  1. Accounts & AGM

Year 2014/15 accounts will be audited in the next few weeks; year 2015/16 accounts by March.  We could therefore plan our AGM for April; a good time for holding it would be on a matchday.

PO Box – some mail is still being delivered to Ashton Gate, [Action – JN].


  1. BCFC Website working group

There is a meeting with supporters next week.


  1. AOB
  2. a) New photocopier – £100 was allotted to purchase a replacement photocopier.
  3. b) Birmingham legal case – Julie had made her statement but received no response. SR added that another seven fans had been added to the list of plaintiffs, which is now around two dozen.  An appeal by the police for help with identifying people who assaulted a steward at Cardiff will be made shortly through local media.


  1. Next meeting – Wednesday 8th February, NB second Wednesday due to match on 31st January.

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