Minutes – January 2014

Minutes of the monthly meeting held on Thursday 9 January 2014

1. Apologies and actions from last meeting
Actions arising from meeting, Thursday 9 January 2014, set out in note form below.

2. Meeting with Football Club earlier in the day
Stu: Banning orders –adapt FSF doc to be applicable at BCFC, noteably to enable fans to appeal against life bans issued by BCFC after their court ban has been served.
Miles: Draft plan for moving Wedlock and Atyeo fans during the Wedlock rebuilding, with assistance from Marie ns Sean and seeking advice from the police.

3. Event planning for Leeds and Liverpool
All: Seek possible prizes for raffles/auctions – do not have to be football-related.

4. Fans Parliament structure
Mike: As there was only limited agreement, Mike will provide draft QS and ideas for discussion before and after our February meeting.

6. Pre-season friendlies – Union Berlin, Willem – Club to tour Botswana
Stu: Follow up following motion with BCFC: ‘We call upon BCFC to make its best endeavours to play a friendly match with Willem II in the 2014 off-season.’

8. Finalising accounts for audit
All: Complete outstanding queries from Luke by this coming weekend latest

9. Stock held at assorted places
All: Collect up all BCSCT stock with a view to transfer to Supporters Bar back room.


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